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Aerial Views of St. Stanislaus College. Georgetown. Guyana


Cheddi Jagan, Communism and the African-Guyanese – By Clem Seecharan

Cheddi Jagan, Communism and the African-Guyanese

March 22, 2018 – Stabroek News

By Clem Seecharan

Clem Seecharan is Emeritus Professor of History at London Metropolitan University. His latest book, Hand-in-Hand History of Cricket in Guyana: Vol. II, A Stubborn Mediocrity will be published in the UK this summer by Hansib. He is working on a book on Cheddi Jagan and the Cold War to be published by Ian Randle Publishers.

Cheddi Jagan

One hundred years ago today Cheddi Jagan (1918-97) was born at Plantation Port Mourant on the lower Corentyne Coast. This sugar estate, its resident population virtually all Indians, was the seminal source of his radicalism. A narrative of ‘bitter sugar’, and the arrogance of the white ‘sugar gods’ inhabiting a different universe, encapsulated the plantation culture of deprivation.

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USA: Confederate Monuments are Going Down. Lynching Memorials are Going Up

Confederate Monuments are Going Down. Lynching Memorials are Going Up.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The markers are about the size of a man. The color of bricks made from Alabama’s red clay, they hang from the roof, one for every county in America where a person was lynched.

Appearing first at eye level, the markers read like headstones. But as the floor descends, they hang ever more ominously overhead, until visitors are forced to crane their necks — like the spectators who once gawked at the mutilated bodies of the black men and women who had been hung.        Continue reading

The Van Carnage:–Misogny is not all there is to see – By Yvonne Sam

The Van Carnage:–Misogny is not all there is to see

…. It’s Implicit — Mental Health we must Revisit..

By Yvonne Sam

The Attack is a Shame but is the perpetrator the only one to Blame? The writing was clearly on the wall. But then again it was whose call?

Like most other Canadians I was horrified on hearing about the van attack in Toronto, and sprung into action by posing my overworked question” Who!? Why?  However, while the nation and the world over join in sympathy with Toronto following the senseless loss of human lives in the recent van ramming carnage, one cannot help but remark with great concern at the familiar pattern that plays out without fail after incidents of such a nature.    Continue reading

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