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Last Lap Lime – August 6, 2018 – Toronto – Volunteers Needed

Download: Last Lap Volunteer Flyer April 23, 2018Download: Last Lap Lime Volunteer Appreciation Flyer 2018 Continue reading

Electric Buses: Your bus is running approximately 100 years late

The Earthbound Report

Clean and quiet, London once boasted a fleet of 20 electric buses. They were more efficient and reliable than their petrol equivalents, and operated on battery power. Mounted under the bus, the batteries had a 60 km range and could be removed and swapped for a fresh one in just three minutes.

This was in 1906, and the bus looked like this:

The London Electrobus Company ran a bus service between Victoria and Kilburn from 1907 to 1910, the world’s first fully operational electric bus route. Their buses were popular with the public, and the company had ambitious plans for expansion.

Unfortunately, they also had a couple of crooks at the helm of the company. They failed to pay the engineering firms that had developed their battery technologies. They raised money on false pretences, including fake patents. Investors’ money was siphoned off by the owners of the company, which duly…

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UK: Reckless Tories Are Alienating Minority Voters – Rachel Sylvester | The Times UK

Reckless Tories Are Alienating Minority Voters

Rachel Sylvester | The Times UK

It is almost seven years since the Conservative members of David Cameron’s cabinet were given a presentation setting out the scale of the Tories’ problem among ethnic minority voters. Andrew Cooper, then the prime minister’s director of strategy, told his party’s most senior politicians that “not being white” had become the single biggest driver of not voting Conservative.

According to the former strategist, since elevated to the House of Lords as Lord Cooper of Windrush: “What bothers me most is that they’ve stopped believing it’s a problem.     Continue reading

Being nice to others one handshake, one fist-bump at a time – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Being nice to others one handshake, one fist-bump at a time


This column was first published in the South Florida Times. It was slightly edited for timeliness.

I do not recall just when it started but for the past couple of years I have been shaking hands with everyone I meet, or at least offering my hand in greeting.

Mostly, the gesture is warmly accepted and for those reluctant to shake hands I offer a fist bump, which is equally well received.

There is no special reason for it, other than wanting it to be a friendly gesture that began one day when I impulsively  stretched out my hand to a cashier who seemed especially burdened by work.    Continue reading

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