Guyana Speaks: Indo-Guyanese Pioneers – London UK – April 29, 2018

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In celebration of the forthcoming, Indian Arrival Day (5thMay) and the on-going centenary of the abolition of Indenture in the British Empire (2017-2020) Guyana SPEAKS is hosting an event on Sunday, 29thApril (2-5pm) entitled ‘Indo-Guyanese Pioneers’.      

To help us commemorate these important historical markers of the Indian experience, three distinguished guests: Oonya Kempadoo (via Skype), Prof. Clem Seecharan, and Arif Ali will speak respectively about the novelist, Peter Kempadoo, President Cheddi Jagan, and Arif Ali on his personal achievements as an acclaimed publisher.

The programme will be rounded off with a Q&A, followed by tabla drumming by the young and talented, Cayden Sukhu.  A complimentary drink will be available afterwards, with Guyanese food for purchase.

Could you please include this information on the local Tooting blog?  I’ve attached a flyer for the event and included photographs of the speakers.  The eventbrite link for tickets is below:

Please see below for Bios:

 Oonya Kempadoo: Born in Guyana, Oonya has lived in Europe and worked for most of her life in various Caribbean islands.  A creative writer and author of three novels: Buxton Spice,Tide RunningAll Decent Animals, she was named a “Great Talent for the 21stCentury” by the Orange Prize judges and awarded a Casa De Las Americas Prize in 2002.  Based in Grenada, Oonya works in as a consultant, researcher and educator, focusing on social development and cross-disciplinary dialogue.  She is co-founder and director of Grenada Community Library and member of PEN America.  Oonya will talk (via Skype) about the pioneering life of her novelist father, Peter Kempadoo.

Arif Ali was born in Danielstown, Guyana in 1935.  He migrated to London in 1957 where he founded Hansib (1970), a pioneering publisher that disseminated publications of relevance to Britain’s black community, alongside New Beacon Books (1966) and Bogle L’Ouverture (1968).  By the 1980s he was publishing 3 weekly papers and 2 monthly magazines, employing a total of 140 staff.  The circulation of the weekly Caribbean Times peaked at 28,000, averaging around 10,000. In all his publications, Arif was reaching a readership of about half a million people.   Hansib remains the biggest and most diverse black book publisher in Britain.  Arif will be talking about his extraordinary life and achievements.

Clem Seecharan (BA, MA, PhD)Resident in Britain since 1986, Clemwas born and raised in East Berbice-Corentyne.  He completed his doctorate in History at the University of Warwick in 1990, became Head of Caribbean Studies at the London Metropolitan University in 1994 where he taught for many years, and was awarded a Professorship in 2002.  Winner of the Elsa Gouveia Prize, he is widely recognised as a distinguished Caribbean Historian and author of numerous publications on the Indo-Guyanese experience and West Indian Cricket.  Clem, a pioneer in his own right, will be talking about the life of Cheddi Jagan.

Cayden Sukhu: 7 year old Cayden is of Guyanese heritage, with Grandparents hailing from Georgetown and West Coast Demerara.  He regularly attends the London Sevashram Sangha temple (linked to an Ashram in Cove & John, East Coast Demerara) where he enjoys being involved in all aspects of the Hindu Dharma and playing the tabla drum. Cayden will be sharing his passion for the latter at Guyana SPEAKS.

All are invited!
Many thanks,
Juanita Cox
Co-Founder Guyana Speaks
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  • Ric Hinds  On 04/22/2018 at 1:38 am

    Enough is enough with this “Indo Guyanese” identification.
    If you are not happy being Guyanese, GO BACK TO INDIA.


    • Rai Sookram  On 11/14/2019 at 2:55 pm

      Everyone has the right to celebrate their culture!.

    • Emanuel  On 11/14/2019 at 10:53 pm

      Could not agree more.

  • Tata  On 04/22/2018 at 7:02 pm

    I was born in Guyana but all this nonsense is really troubling. It seems as if these people are foreign to this land. This is really perplexing and the reason why Guyana will always have the problems that exist today. Somebody need to bathe the land with some holy water.
    Lord have mercy!.

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