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Guyana Speaks: Indo-Guyanese Pioneers – London UK – April 29, 2018

Download Flyer:   https://guyanaassociations.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/gs-flyer-29-april.pdf

In celebration of the forthcoming, Indian Arrival Day (5thMay) and the on-going centenary of the abolition of Indenture in the British Empire (2017-2020) Guyana SPEAKS is hosting an event on Sunday, 29thApril (2-5pm) entitled ‘Indo-Guyanese Pioneers’.       Continue reading

GUYANA: A Treasure of Golden Things- 21 Poems – Dmitri Allicock + Video

READ POEMS and View VIDEO : Go to the Dmitri Allicock Blog

Guyana News – Demerara Waves – 20 April 2018

Guyana News – Demerara Waves – 20 April  2018

PPP signals “no” to PNCR’s call for house-to-house registration TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK   https://goo.gl/zFYica

PNCR calls for fresh house-to-house registration to address PPP’s concerns  TO READ DETAILS- CLICK THIS LINK   https://goo.gl/RJsjpR

State Assets Recovery Agency converting information to evidence before moving to local, foreign courts  https://goo.gl/HiUEmY

International documents show “massive scale of corruption and money laundering” during Jagdeo era -SARA  TO READ DETAILS, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK https://goo.gl/qZecU1

GGMC’s Board recommends temporary closure until mercury clean-up, removal of Gold Board’s laboratory; decision rests with Minister Trotman TO READ DETAILS, CLICK THIS LINK https://goo.gl/phLP7Z

Rechargeable lights for hinterland airstrips  TO READ DETAILS, CLICK THIS LINK https://goo.gl/7Arqt5

The View from Europe: The Windrush Generation – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The Windrush Generation

By David Jessop – April 20. 2018

RE: Treatment of Caribbean: undocumented migrants to the UK

David Jessop

For years now, Caribbean high commissioners, activists, church organisations and community oriented Caribbean companies have been raising with the British government and parliamentarians the shocking way in which undocumented members of the Caribbean Diaspora who came to Britain between 1948 and 1971 have been treated.

This has involved in the absence of proof of citizenship, the British authorities denying individuals of Caribbean origin medical care and pensions, and in some cases holding them in custody pending deportation. This was despite their demonstrable contribution to British society and lifelong residence in Britain.    Continue reading

Guyanese jeweler receives UNESCO award

Juliana Hughes proudly displays her UNESCO Award of Excellence for handicrafts, against the backdrop of scores of her natural jewelry.
Guyanese jeweler receives UNESCO award
Juliana Hughes was presented with the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, for her commitment to ecology — utilizing seeds and beads, found in her homeland of Guyana, to create fine jewelry.       Continue reading

North Korea’s Kim Says “Mission Complete”: Will Abandon Nuke Tests, Seek Peace

North Korea’s Kim Says “Mission Complete”: Will Abandon Nuke Tests, Seek Peace

Kim Jong-un

Just a few short days after President Trump proclaimed “mission accomplished” in Syria, North Korea’s leader has followed suit, reportedly say the nuclear test site in the north of the country has completed its mission and will be abandoned.

Furthermore, Yonhap reports Kim says no further nuclear tests are needed, and will stop launching test-flights of ICBMs on April 21st.    Continue reading

A history of Buxton Village on the East Coast Demerara. Guyana

A history of Buxton Village on the East Coast Demerara. Guyana

By: Murphy Browne  ©  April 19-2018

In April 1840 Buxton Village was established on the East Coast, Demerara, British Guiana by 128 Africans who had been freed from chattel slavery on August 1st, 1838. The Africans pooled their money and bought a 500-acre plantation, New Orange Nassau from its owner James Archibald Holmes, for $50,000. They named the village Buxton in honour of abolitionist Thomas Fowell Buxton. Buxton was the second village established by Africans in British Guiana. Victoria Village, also on the East Coast of Demerara was purchased in November 1839, by a group of 83 formerly enslaved Africans.     Continue reading

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