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Kids are Born Creative Geniuses Until the Education System Destroys Imagination + video

Poetry and Prose Competition – Pakaraima Writers Asso. – submit by June 15, 2018   

Guyanese and friends of the Caribbean Literary Forum

Poetry-Prose Competition

Through the generous support of patrons, the Pakaraima Writers Association is exhilarated to announce a Poetry-Prose Competition which is being held in 2018 in Ontario, Canada.  Participants must be of the first generation Guyanese Canadians attending full-time Grade 11 or Grade 12 Secondary School.

Participants are asked to compose their poems or prose depicting how they see/feel being a descendant of Guyanese heritage.                                   

Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline:  Entries must be submitted by June 15, 2018   

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Berkeley Doctor Claims That People Die From Chemotherapy, Not Cancer – Awareness Act

AGR Free Press

A former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Hardin B. Jones studied the life expectancy of cancer patients for more than 25 years. Then, eventually, he came to the conclusion that despite popular belief, chemotherapy does not work.

He found that the majority of people who were treated with chemotherapy died a horrible death. He has made it known publicly that this news is deliberately kept a secret by the cancer industry because billions of dollars are put into this scheme.

“People who refused chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who are undergoing chemotherapy,” said Dr. Jones in his study, which was published in the New York Academy of Science.

“People who accepted chemotherapy die within three years of diagnosis, a large number die after a few weeks.”

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Traditional kite making alive in Guyana – By Tangerine Clarke

April 8, 2018 / Guyana / Caribbean Life News. NY

Rotarian Janice Hall from New Jersey, hands over funds to Georgetown City Counsellor, Malcolm Ferriera. The donation went towards kite-making material. The kite frames were donated by local joiners. [Photo by Tangerine Clarke]
Traditional kite making alive in Guyana

The Easter season got off to a fun start for children of Albouystown, Georgetown, when Guyanese from the diaspora volunteered their skills during a kite-making workshop to keep the cultural tradition alive.      Continue reading

My $500 house in Detroit — and the neighbors who helped me – TED video

My $500 house in Detroit — and the neighbors who helped me rebuild it – Drew Philp

In 2009, journalist and screenwriter Drew Philp bought a ruined house in Detroit for $500. In the years that followed, as he gutted the interior and removed the heaps of garbage crowding the rooms, he didn’t just learn how to repair a house — he learned how to build a community.

In a tribute to the city he loves, Philp tells us about “radical neighborliness” and makes the case that we have “the power to create the world anew together and to do it ourselves when our governments refuse.”   TEDNYC | November 2017  …… PLAY VIDEO

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