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Guyana: The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

Leonard Gildarie

The last week was a holiday, one with Guyanese taking their foot off the pedal for a breather. We are a hardworking people who are slowly learning the value of pampering ourselves. That sometimes for some people can be both intoxicating and a bad habit.

If you are familiar with what transpires in the US – North America in general – and Europe, holidays are a big thing. People love travelling for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The associated shopping and other associated activities have been money-spinners.    Continue reading

Putting RESPECT in EFFECT – By Yvonne Sam


By Yvonne Sam

Once upon a very long time Blacks respected each other. They were our grandparents, great grandparents or even further back than that. And   today, although there are some of us who respect ourselves and each other, yet there is still something terribly amiss.  The effects of slavery programming and brainwashing are no longer acceptable excuses for the blatant disrespect that our people repeatedly show towards each other.    Continue reading

Memories of Kite Flying in Georgetown, Guyana – By Kemahl Khan

Memories of Kite Flying in Georgetown, Guyana

– By Kemahl Khan

Adam Harris’s nostalgic piece, Kite Flying: A tradition is fast disappearing that appeared in a recent edition of the Guyanese Online Website sent me off on a trip of my own down memory lane, remembering my kite-flying days as a small kid and  later as a youth in Guyana.

The build-up to Easter Monday kite-flying on the GT seawall was a busy and exciting one for me, my older brother and friends in our neighbourhood.       Continue reading

Guyana’s Gold … Industry buckles down to harsh International Scrutiny

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