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Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – April 2018

Guyanese Online has created a website for Cuso International – Guyana.

cuso-logoThe website  highlights the past an present projects of Cuso in Guyana. It also advertises the requirement for volunteers in present and future projects.

Here is the List of entries on the Cuso Guyana site:   https://cusoguyana.wordpress.com


Cuso International – Guyana:

Volunteer Opportunities – April 2018

  Click entries below to view them on the website  


Marketing Specialist

Location: Guyana

Brief Description: 12 Months | Start Date between May – Jul 2018


Website Advisor (online Volunteer)

Location: N/A

Brief Description: 3 Months | Start Date between Feb – Apr 2018


Policy-Legislation Advisor

Location: Guyana

Brief Description: 12 Months | Start Date between Jun – Aug 2018


Note: View previous advertisements on the Cuso International – Guyana website

Looting Africa – Warlords, Smugglers and the Systematic Theft of Africa’s Wealth

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Looting Machine: Warlords, Smugglers and the Systematic Theft of Africa’s Wealth

Tom Burgis

Harper Collins (2017)

Book Review

This book centers around something global economists refer to as the “Dutch curse.” In 1959, the discovery of oil in the Netherlands led to massive unemployment outside the oil industry. A big increase in dollars generated by oil exports caused major inflation in the local currency. This made imports cheaper than locally produced goods, shutting down hundreds of Dutch businesses and putting thousands out of work.

It’s typical of mineral and oil/gas mining everywhere (including here in New Plymouth) that these industries require vast capital investment but employ only small numbers of workers. According to Burgis, it was the “Dutch curse” that resulted in Russian’s oil-fueled criminal oligarchy prior to the rise of Putin. As the continent richest in natural resources, Africa, which has been ruthlessly exploited by multinational corporations, has…

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Opinion: Stemming corruption in Guyana

Opinion: Stemming corruption in Guyana

 Apr 06, 2018  Editorial – Kaieteur News

Corruption became a culture in Guyana under the last administration. Its prevalence is evident in almost all state agencies and government departments. It is difficult to change the culture of any country which is embedded in the psyche of people, but the culture of corruption is the result of greed, and corrupt behaviour is determined by the relative strengths or weaknesses of institutions.

In order to reduce corruption in Guyana, the government must take extreme measures against offenders by sending them to jail. This will send a clear message that corruption would not be tolerated.     Continue reading

ONCE UPON A TIME IN BRITISH GUIANA – 27 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock

READ MORE:  Go to the Dmitri Allicock Blog

‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

‘Trade Wars are Good’? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

Marc-William Palen | The Conversation UK

A bilateral trade war appears to be in full swing.

China and the U.S.A. are trading targeted tariffs on each others’ goods. Threats of retaliation by key U.S.A. allies like Canada and the Eu ropean Union prompted President Donald Trump to exempt a large group of countries from the steel and aluminum duties it announced last month, which means they will likely hit China hardest.      Continue reading

PALESTINE – A Song Is Born – By Uri Avnery

PALESTINE – A Song Is Born – By Uri Avnery

A FRIEND from overseas sent me the recording of a song. An Arab song, with a soft Arab melody, sung by an Arab girls’ choir, accompanied by a flute.

It goes like this:

Ahed / You are the promise and the glory / Standing as high as an olive tree / From the cradle to the present / Your honor will not be violated / Palestine has been planted in us / As a dock for every ship / We are the land and you are the water /              

You are covered with blond hair / You are as pure as Jerusalem / You taught our generation how the forgotten people should revolt / They thought the Palestinians are afraid of them because they are wearing armor and holding a weapon? / Palestine has been planted in us / As a dock for every ship / Our nation must be united and resist for the freedom of Palestine and the prisoners /      Continue reading

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