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Guyana Short Story: JAMES WITTROY Mc RAE – By Royden Chan


A  Short  Story by  Royden  V  Chan – 2005

Allan Agard was diagnosed with a terminal illness almost two years ago and had now passed away. The viewing was being held today at Osgood Funeral Home on Sheppard Avenue in Toronto, Canada. Allan and his wife Gladys both came from a family background of teachers and professional civil servants, which traditionally influenced their preference for academic vocations.

They both graduated from the University of the West Indies and worked in the Caribbean for several years until 1970 when they responded to the “back to home” call from Guyana’s Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham. Allan was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Guyana and Gladys was attached to the Ministry of Education.       Continue reading

Triple Play Band – Spade Bar& Lounge – May 6th 2018 – Toronto

Download: Triple Play Band – Spade Bar- May 6th 2018 – Toronto




Official mendacity can sometimes be strategy and even some not so discreet embellishment can be tolerated.

But this exhuming of the past by recycling decades old video, regurgitating material that has been declassified so long it’s seldom recalled as having ever been secret, stoking the embers of smoldering racism is a crude, unimaginative kind of political butchery that guts the art of propaganda of its clever elegance and offers us that cheap hollering of the desperate too unimaginative come up with a new line of attack.    Continue reading

USA: Where Have All the Rioters Gone?

Where Have All the Rioters Gone?

Good jobs in black communities have disappeared, evictions are the norm, and extreme poverty is rising. Cities should be exploding — but they aren’t.

Matthew Desmond | The Atlantic

On August 5, 1966, someone struck Martin Luther King Jr. in the head with a rock. The assault happened not in Birmingham or in Memphis but in Chicago. Earlier that year, King had moved into a run-down apartment on the city’s West Side to bring national attention to the plight of blacks trapped in slum housing and confined to overcrowded schools.    Continue reading

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