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Guyana: The romance of the Georgetown Sea Wall – By Godfrey Chin

The romance of the Sea Wall – Nostalgia 561

–   – Stabroek News

Tramcar terminus at the Sea Wall, early 20th century

Ask any Guyanese, at home or abroad, to name the first five things Guyanese that readily come to mind, and they often reply, Kaieteur Falls, Stabroek Market, St George’s, Parliament Buildings, Town Hall, and sometimes, Jonestown.

Can you imagine they always forget  our Sea Wall, which actually saves the capital city of Georgetown from being a Venice, and our coastline languishing as another lost continent of Atlantis.     Continue reading

QC Alumni Toronto – Father’s Day Brunch 2018 – June 10. 2018

Download Flyer: QC Alumni Association – Toronto – Father’s Day Brunch 2018

Cancer Warning For Coffee In California – Signs and Labels Required 

Cancer Warning For Coffee In California –  blamed on chemical compound acrylamide

A Los Angeles superior court judge ruled that all coffee companies, including global giant Starbucks, must use cancer warning labels on products.

The judge ruled that California law requires coffee companies to carry a cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process.

Starbucks and around 90 other companies have argued that the levels of the chemical compound acrylamide, found in coffee are harmless, especially compared to the drink’s health benefits.  READ MORE

CSJAD New Road Newsletter – March 2018

Download: CSJAD New Road Newsletter – March 2018

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