Buxton Scholarship Commemorative Banquet – Brooklyn NY – April 28. 2018

BuxtonScholarshipBanquet2018 (1)

Download Letter: BuxtonScholarshipBanquet2018

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  • Chandra Panday  On 03/31/2018 at 3:28 am

    Man the Food look Sumptuous
    Send some down with Amazon !!!
    Enjoy yourself fellow Guyanese
    Life is too short, just lost two of Guyana’s finest Matriachs Kalawatie SHARMA Pandit SP SHARMA’S One and Only First Born Daughter born 10/1/33. Died 29/3/18 in the UK.
    Today in Guyana Heather Sharma Memorial is taking place a tribute will be done on our behalf by Dr. Davendra Sharma OBE. for both Matriachs.
    Land of Our Birth Guyana South America.

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