Advice to the Black Lives Matter Movement – By Yvonne Sam

Advice to the Black Lives Matter Movement

By Yvonne Sam

Certainly and undoubtedly, Black Lives do matter. Ask any Black person. However, the Movement would not matter very much, given the ideology that is unable to shift American society from its current thinking and values. Lying in the streets, protesting and shouting, while on one hand it often draws attention, on the other it offers very little persuasive argument.  

It is tantamount to sprinkling cayenne pepper on a ripened banana. While it looks appetizing, seriously no one will eat it.  Good spice is just being wasted.The Black Lives Matter movement has many components to add, but one in particular is missing – fear reduction among the ruling class. Until the Movement gets that one right, they’re essentially preaching to the converted.

Straight to the crux of the matter, taking such fervor to the White churches would get you where you want to go much more effectively. Visiting with White Catholics, White Evangelicals, White Methodists, White Anglicans, White Mormons and the other various denominations would make the organization an instant success one way or another, and that is exactly what is wanted. Sitting in the pews rubbing elbows with the congregation of white police officers, white political figures, corporate leaders etc., would serve the purpose more emphatically than disrupting traffic during rush hour. Making your presence known in the house of the Lord who as Christians believe dies for you (Black), as well as them (Whites), forces the dominant group to at the minimum consciously consider your goals and desires for several moments.

So my advice to the Black Lives Matter movement—–start doing something that you have never done before—Go and protest silently in places where it really matters. Find the people who really are with you. In order to get a peaceful, just country, then it is imperative that you find a way to connect with your Christian White brothers and sisters who hold God in their hearts like you do and who supposedly will do the right thing- change the panorama of values and culture that truly allows Black Lives to Matter.

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