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GUYANA SPEAKS – featuring Photography, Film and Identity – London UK – 25 March 2018

GUYANA SPEAKS … London UK – 25 March 2018

Download Flyer: GuyanaSpeaks March 2018 Flyer 

Firstly, many thanks for your continued support! Last month’s Guyana SPEAKS (Phenomenal Women: Adversity & Achievement) attracted a physical audience of over 90 people and an online audience of 4000+.   If anyone missed it or would like to see it again, please click on the following Facebook link:       Continue reading

BHS Alumni- Toronto – May Hatters Tea Party – April 28. 2018

Download Flyer: BHS Alumni- Toronto – Tea Party – April 28. 2018

BHS Alumni Association – Toronto -Casino Rama – April 14. 2018

Download Flyer: BHS Alumni – Toronto -Casino Rama – April 14. 2018

Opinion re CIA Chief: Say It Ain’t So: A Woman Who Tortures

Opinion: Say It Ain’t So: A Woman Who Tortures

Many believe that certain behavior is inappropriate for women but fine for men. But a woman with power acts exactly like a man with power; those seeking equal rights must remember egalitarianism

Alit Karp | Haaretz

The turmoil over Gina Haspel’s appointment as CIA chief, which many see as improper or unworthy due to her participation in interrogation and torture of detainees in secret facilities, stems solely from the obviously non-feminist idea that women are less involved than men in violent acts, less inclined to act aggressively and in general behave better than men.      Continue reading

Why should we care about the trade deficit? – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Shoppers at Walmart Store - Christmas 2017

American Shoppers at Walmart Store – Christmas 2017
Photo Credit: Digg/Associated Press

America’s trade deficit has been making the news. Our president loves to quote the amount of $800 billion: the U.S. trade deficit for trade in goods only. Our trade in services count too. They earned a surplus of over $242 billion in 2017 (Census Bureau, Exhibit 1).

The total U.S. trade deficit of goods and services in 2017 was $568 billion. We imported $2.900 trillion in goods and services while we only exported $2.332 trillion.

An examination of imports and exports of goods by principal end-use category (Census Bureau, Exhibit 10) reveal that consumer goods together with automotive vehicles, parts and engines account for our mounting deficit. Let’s not forget that goods produced by American companies in a foreign country – like the coveted Apple Smartphone designed in California – becomes an imported product on arrival…

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