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Researcher: Info required on Caribbean oil refinery workers in Aruba and Curacao

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Researcher Discovers a New Non-toxic Approach to Cancer Management

The Holi Pagwah Celebration 2018 – Queens NY – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

The Shri Trimurti Bhavan’s Holi Celebration was Amazing!

A message from Pandit Chunelall Narine, Priest-in-Charge, Shri Trimurti Bhavan:

Guyana’s Consul General to New York, Ms. Barbara Atherly, at the Trimurti Holi celebrations.

Namaskar! We must fi rst thank the Lord for His blessings and a beautiful day that made our Holi celebrations a grand success. We would also like to thank all our supporters, including NYPD and NY1 News for their cooperation. Holi is always a special time of the year when winter winds down and preparation for spring begins.

Basant Panchmi gives us the sounds of the beautiful Chowtaal singing.

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CIA’s Pompeo as Secretary of State Intensifies Risk of US Attack on Iran – says Experts

by Jon Queally, staff writer – Common DreamsAppointing CIA director to lead State Department “furthers a dangerous trend in which Trump is increasingly surrounding himself with foreign policy hawks who fully support his erratic and belligerent foreign policy”

For all the reasons to be concerned about President Trump’s nomination of current CIA director Mike Pompeo to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, experts on Tuesday warn that an increase risk of a U.S.-initiated war with Iran should be at the top of the list.                READ MORE 

Environmental Racism: Black Americans Three Times More Likely to Die from Pollution

The Most Revolutionary Act

Without a touch of irony, the EPA celebrated Black History Month by publishing a report that finds black communities face dangerously high levels of pollution. African Americans are more likely to live near landfills and industrial plants that pollute water and air and erode quality of life. Because of this, more than half of the 9 million people living near hazardous waste sites are people of color, and black Americans are three times more likely to die from exposure to air pollutants than their white counterparts. . .

via Environmental racism has left black Americans three times more likely to die from pollution — Quartz

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