Jagdeo predicts 4 or 5 seat PPP election victory in 2020

Jagdeo predicts 4 or 5 seat PPP election victory

Bharrat Jagdeo at Babu John, Port Mourant 2018

Demerara Waves – March 11, 2018

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo forecasts a 50,000 vote defeat of the governing coalition if more of his People’s Progressive Party supporters are registered and go out to cast their ballots at the next general elections.

Under the proportional representation electoral system, a seat is equivalent to about 5,000 votes. The A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change barely clinched a one-seat majority in the 65-seat National Assembly at the May, 2015 general and regional elections.   

Addressing about 2,500 persons at Babu John Port Mourant at an annual event to commemorate the death anniversary of President Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary said the Alliance For Change would not get any support at the polls, but the People’s National Congress Reform-dominated A Partnership for National Unity would secure 30 to 35 percent of the popular vote.

In that regard, he said the opposition could not be excluded from the management of Guyana’s oil industry.

He also used the opportunity to promise stipends to thousands of laid off sugar workers, scrapping of Value Added Tax on 46 food items, rolling back of 200 other taxes, reintroduction of potable water subsidy for the elderly and the reintroduction of education grants if the PPP regains office.

Jagdeo, who is Guyana’s longest serving executive president- 1999 to 2011-also pledged to support campaign financing reform, and constitutional reform. “Whatever people want we will support in the constitution,” he said.

With general elections due in 2020, the PPP General Secretary conceded that it was reasonable for Guyanese to fear that the next general elections would be rigged.

He, however, urged party faithful to “fight to prevent it”. “We are not lying down. We are not taking it as geanted that they will rig the elections, We are looking out for every single method that they will use and we will block those so that the PPP can emerge victorious,” he said.

Jagdeo expressed some dissatisfaction with the turn out in PPP strongholds during the last registration cycle.

“We have just concluded a registration exercise in many of our strongholds, when we look at the numbers  people are eager to come out but the numbers who went to the registration centres do not match the numbers although we have had the highest amount of people who have registered in this cycle than ever and most of them are in our stronghold.

So that’s a good sign but we need to step up the work in the next cycle,” he said.

Additionally, he called on party supporters to ensure everyone goes out to vote as well as prevent the coalition from stealing the elections.

At the level of the Guyana Elections Commission, he said the PPP commissioners would be demanding independent verification of the 2015 database with the next database as well as another independent verification of the digitized birth certificates because his party does not trust Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Winston Felix. “We don’t trust Felix and the others. They may be trying to pad the voters list so we have to have an independent verification of that list,” he said, adding that “we have to find a way of scrubbing that list, getting dead people off that list, transparent”.

He said on February 3, GECOM published one list but on February 6 gave the PPP an old list.

The former Guyanese leader assured Afro-Guyanese that they would be welcome into the PPP’s fold. “Afro Guyanese have a chance to compare and some of them are coming and looking for leadership,” he said.

Jagdeo further promised that if returned to power in 2020, the PPP would use natural gas to add value and operate new sectors.

Among the attendees were top PPP executive members and former sugar workers. About 1,000 of the attendees marched from two points to Babu John.

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  • Linda  On 03/12/2018 at 9:35 pm

    I thought this gathering was to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Cheddi Jagan. Jagdeo’s entire speech sounded self-serving in that he is already campaigning for the next election. Mr. Jagan must be turning over in his grave.

  • guyaneseonline  On 03/13/2018 at 1:40 am

    Do the math, you idiot!
    Mar 13, 2018 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

    It is such a pity that the Alliance For Change, that was set to devastate and could have electorally wrecked the PPP, faded away so quickly. It is such a pity that Moses Nagamootoo’s legacy evaporated so rapidly (history is going to judge this failed mandarin harshly) because such realities have allowed the PPP to resuscitate and reenergize.
    The PPP isn’t going to win in 2020 and long before 2020, many of its leaders should have been before the courts (only one so far, Jennifer Westford) but it has to be a social caricature of the worst kind to have such a party parading itself in front of the nation. Make no mistake, the crowds at the 2018 Babu Jaan death anniversary of Cheddi Jagan came from unemployed sugar workers.
    Such was an unfortunate situation because they are indeed frustrated people. But that is the irony of the whole situation. Now they are disenchanted, they will vote for the PPP. When they were badly off they still voted for the PPP as they did in 2015. I once asked a group of Leguan farmers why they were picking on the new government for the poor economy of the island, because when it was poor before they still voted for the PPP. One of them shook his head and said; “yes, you are right.”
    All Guyanese love sugar workers, from African Guyanese to elite Portuguese Guyanese business men; we all know their priceless contributions from which all Guyanese benefitted. I still can’t comprehend why it is that they do not understand the deep significance of the 2015 election results. Surely their educated children could explain it to them.
    The Indian leadership of the AFC lost the 2015 general election in the hometown of the Prime Minister himself – Whim. Khemraj Ramjattan lost in 2015 in his own birth village. Sugar workers voted for the PPP in 2015 which lost Parliament by a single vote (in Region 7) and the central government by less than 5,000 votes.
    Sugar is almost dead, it is not a profitable industry, why then do sugar workers expect that a political party (APNU+AFC) will pump dozens of billions into saving the industry, only to see sugar workers vote to bring back the PPP in power? No ruling party in the world will be so naïve. So the sugar workers flocked to Babu Jaan last Sunday to hear the unadulterated garbage that PPP leaders insulted them with. Here is the garbage.
    First, they were told that the PPP will not allow the 2020 election to be rigged. But President Ramotar said on the day of the 2011 election results that it was rigged. Jagdeo and Ramotar refused to give up power in May 2015, emphatically declaring that the poll was fraudulent. So the crowds had to know that the PPP leaders were telling them amazing nonsense. The PPP was in power in 2011 and there was “fraud.” The PPP was in power in 2015 and there was “tampering.” How come in 2020 when the PPP will not be in power, it can stop rigging?
    Secondly, what crass stupidity for any PPP leader to say it will win the 2020 election by a five-seat majority? That would give the PPP almost sixty percent of the vote, which they never had even under Cheddi and Janet Jagan.
    The man who uttered this asininity did not do his math. If all Indian and Amerindian registrants ballot for the PPP, it will give them 50 percent. To get 58 percent, you need large amounts of ballots from the mixed race group and Africans. Even with the AFC out of contention, all Indians will not vote for the PPP. A third party is coming and its leaders are far more credible than many of the current crop of PPP leaders.
    Those young, decent Indians I saw at the anti-parking meter protest are not going with the PPP in 2020. It is stupid to say all Amerindians will vote for the PPP. You have to be blind to live in Guyana and not see the special attention that David Granger is paying to the Amerindians. And please don’t tell me just five years after losing power, Africans will forget what the PPP did to them.
    The APNU+AFC has made some bad mistakes (bad is too light a word, how about horrible) but Guyanese do not deserve a return of the PPP’s corrupt leaders. Imagine oil revenue in the hands of the PPP! By the 2025 elections, the entire treasury will not even have a useless five-dollar coin.

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