Only a jumbie would enter the kingdom of Bharrat Jagdeo – By Freddie Kissoon

Only a jumbie would enter the kingdom of Bharrat Jagdeo

– By Freddie Kissoon

One of the positive outcomes of politics in the current era in Guyana is the assignment of the PPP to long years in the wilderness. The first brutal reality is that with the economic transformation that oil income will bring (look at Trinidad; it has first world infrastructure), the incumbent party is not going to give up that gold mine, so the PPP should prepare to be in the opposition after 2020.  

The second brutal reality is that certain powerful governments in the world, with formidable influence in Guyana, will not allow the PPP back in power with Jagdeo in the driving seat. These global giants will not accept Jagdeo’s reign again. If there are PPP leaders who think that the PPP has a chance in 2020, then they had better start doing something to stop a mental breakdown from destroying them.

The PPP will not be in power in 2020. Those who want to see the PPP regain office have one act to perform; not two or three, but just one thing to do – radically transform the hierarchy of the PPP that may (I say may) allow for a rethink on the part of these powerful countries.

Such a transformation is impossible in the coming years, because Bharrat Jagdeo’s hegemonic control of a political party in Guyana only had two previous examples – Jagan in the PPP and Burnham in the PNC. No other situation in the history of Guyana produced such an all-encompassing towering figure of domination in a political organization.

Not D’Aguiar in The United Force, not Desmond Hoyte in the PNC, not Walter Rodney in the WPA (because Clive Thomas, Rupert Roopnaraine and Eusi Kwayana had serious clout in the leadership), not Khemraj Ramjattan in the AFC, not Raphael Trotman in the AFC, not Robert Corbin in the PNC, not David Granger in the PNC.

Only Jagan in the PPP was the omnipotent leader and only Burnham was the undisputed Leviathan in the PNC. Bharrat Jagdeo holds complete sway over the PPP. Even if there is an attempt to dilute his autocracy, Jagdeo will decapitate such a conspiracy. Simply put – Jagdeo will remain the devouring machine in the PPP, and the PPP will remain in opposition. This will be the scenario for decades to come. Such an outline is good for Guyana. With oil money flowing into the treasury in 2020, it would be a monumental disaster to have the Jagdeoites in power after 2020.

Based on fifteen years of disastrous reign, one can demand the following – Mr. Jagdeo has no right to be the PPP’s leader; no right to be opposition leader; no right to be immune from criminal prosecution; no right to be perambulating the streets of Guyana preaching to the Guyanese people.

This man took the treasury of this country and used it as a lollipop in his mouth. Jagdeo destroyed the economy of Guyana. Sugar was ruined because of the Skeldon factory. NIS is on shaky ground because Jagdeo denuded it. Limited funds of a poor country were put into building a hotel that Guyana did not and does not need.

A conspiratorial labyrinth between the state and narcotics traffickers and money-launderers was concretized during Jagdeo’s reign. A drug trafficker was summoned to use drug money to finance a confrontation war with the Buxton gunmen. The saga of Roger Khan reminded one of the adventurers of mercenaries in the sixties who were hired to topple certain African governments. That was sixty years ago. In the 21st century, Jagdeo’s regime brought that violent anachronism to the Caribbean. The chief mercenary is in an American maximum security jail where his plea bargaining with the Americans will come back to haunt and hunt down Jagdeo.

Against this pathological backdrop, Jagdeo announced last week that government supporters are flocking to the PPP. In common parlance, we say that Jagdeo is smoking conga pump. The coalition regime may have made terrible mistakes and continue to do so. I could understand if they transfer their support to an upcoming party or some small, unknown entity, but not the PPP.

Jagdeo and the PPP lost power less than three years ago. The traumas are still fresh in the minds of Guyanese. This was the man that rode over this nation like a rampaging elephant. One remembers what he told the protesting air traffic controllers when he arrived home after a visit abroad – “if you had strike I would have fired all of you.” One remembers what he did to his common-law wife. One remembers only too well what he did to our country. Only the jumbies from Le Repentir are flocking to Jagdeo.

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  • Bickram  On 03/10/2018 at 7:16 am

    Freddie Kissoon, Lives in Freddie Kissoon world.
    If he thinks the present government is doing a good job , why so many Guyanese are fleeing the country dispite the prospect of Oil money, this government will fill their pockets at the expense of poor people. There are people asking for basic items such as note books, pen.
    I agree the PPP party instead focus on the people’s needs they fulfil their needs.
    Freddie talks about Trinidad, they have become the murder capital of the world , most people will warn you about going. The Hindu Community is trying their best to educate their children and provide food for the people.
    So Freddie you past your sell buy date, time you sit under a tree and read the Bhagavata Gita.

    Thank You


  • Zarena Ali  On 03/10/2018 at 11:19 am

    This Gentleman has an acute imbalance of his thoughts and it is more personal than he may want to admit!

  • Ron Saywack  On 03/10/2018 at 3:21 pm

    Guyana’s toxic political climate continues to foreshadow its ability to delineate a clear vision for the national ship sailing in troubled waters. In a major way, the colonial rulers are to blame for the monumental mess the country is in.

    The British, after having exploited and gutted the country’s natural resources and degraded and demoralized its people, grossly failed to prepare said people for the transition from Massa’s rule to self-governance and self-determination. In other words, Guyana was left ‘orphaned’. The parentless kids had to fend for themselves in the dark and to learn on the job. Obviously, the kids did not learn very well and the bullies took over.

    In this Darwinian scenario, the strongest/smartest ascended the tower of power and some immediately began to put personal ambitions ahead of the national good. As Kissoon alludes to, “Burnman was the undisputed Leviathan …” (monster). Jagan, a man who, honestly, attempted to put country ahead of self, did not have enough time on the planet to realize his dreams.

    Jagdeo, another ‘monster’, failed to carry on where the doyen Jagan left off. Jagdeo has had his chances but categorically failed. The only thing Jagdeo has in common with Jagan is the letter “J”. And thus it is time for him to depart the political arena and be replaced.

    But where will his replacement come from? Many of the best and brightest minds have long since fled the country. That is a serious national conundrum. That person will have to come from within apparently.

    A successful, demarcated economic roadmap for Guyana, with oil revenue expected to flow soon, will depend largely on astute political leadership in the absence of corruption.

    The country can ill-afford to continue to be blighted by dishonesty. Massa has been gone now for a half century and the children must quickly learn on the job and steer (and safely anchor) that ship to port before the next big storm.

    • Rebecca Smith  On 03/11/2018 at 5:52 am

      If it wasn’t for slavery, many of you Guyanese would still be living on the continent of Africa.

      Why do you hate us for our ethnicity and race? Your attacks on Exxon Mobil will cause lower confidence for other oil companies to invest in Guyana. Hating women because they are white is also hate. I assume that Guyana has a culture which is misogynistic, backwards and patriarchal. I will write to Exxon to endorse the idea of promoting the rights of women and feminism in Guyana by investing at least $100 Million a year for modernizing the legal system, police stations and court offices for women.

      Guyanese must teach men that women and same-sex couples should not be targeted for harassment or victimization.

      Women need the oil companies to invest in feminism. The culture of Guyana is outright sexist!!!!!!!

  • Mark  On 03/12/2018 at 7:00 pm

    @ Rebecca:
    This forum has no place for anti-black hate.

  • Mark  On 03/12/2018 at 7:26 pm

    Freddie Kissoon, Chris Ram, and Anette Arjoon are patriotic Guyanese.

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