BATTLE  OF  THE  SEXES – By Hubert Williams


By  Hubert  Williams – Jan 12, 2018

Sexual  attraction  is  the  strongest  force  in  humankind,  or  any  animal specie. The  continuation  of  Mankind  depends  on  sexual reproduction… and  desire  is  perceived  as  equally  strong  in  both  men  and women. Most  times  men,  but  sometimes  women,  initiate  contact  with  a  view to  engaging  in  the  sexual  act.  The  means  adopted  by  both  men  and women in  attracting  a  partner  are  varied –  too  many  to  mention  here.   

Hence,  it  staggers  the  imagination  the  hue  and  cry  now  spreading across  the world  (initiated  mainly  from  Hollywood  in  the  United States of  America) about sexual  predation  by  men  (almost  always  men  in positions  of  power  and authority)  against  innocent  women.

No  one,  it  seems,  has  sought  to  assess  the  many  times  women  in power abuse  their  positions  to  entice  young  male  job-seekers  of excellent  physique into  bed. It  happens…  though  much  less  frequently, I  suppose,  than  the  other way  around,  because  nature  dictates  that in  the  animal  kingdom,  the  male  of the  specie  be  the  sexual aggressor…  and  so,  too  often,  he  becomes  the  sexual predator,  and far  too  often  is  undiscriminating  in  his  choices.

The  sexual  act  is  as  natural  as  rain  falling  from  the  sky. It  is  critical to procreation.  However,  the  more  ‘modern’  our  societies  become,  the more,  it seems,  is  intercourse  between  man  and  woman  pushed  into the  arena  of illegality…  indecency…  predation…  providing  grounds  on which  can  be  based the  claims  of  those  who  either  seek  public limelight  or  wish  to  crash  the ‘kingdoms’  of  the  powerful.

Once  the  chain  of  allegations  begins,  there  will  be  some  –  either seeking publicity  or  vengeance  –  ready  to  scream  “me  too”. Sexual attraction  of   men to  women  is  the  basic  ingredient  of  the  $Trillion$ global  fashion  industry, out of  which  both  men  and  women  make considerable  fortunes.  Yes…  sex  sells… and  is  in  most  cases,  by various means,  sold.

If  the  current  torrent  of  sexual  assault  allegations,  initiated  by  the Harvey Weinstein  scandal  in  Hollywood,  had  not  spread  like  the California  wildfires, one would  have  been  tempted  to  say : Let  the males  in  various  fields  (not only entertainment)  who  have  suffered similarly  at  women’s  hands,  speak  up.  Most would  be  too embarrassed  or  shy  to  “come  out”  of  this  very  different  type  of closet,  and  shout  “ME  TOO”.

All  I  can  say  to  the women,  in all  areas  of  activity –  entertainment  or otherwise  –  who  might  in  future  face  such  a  situation  by  an aggressive  male (boss,  stranger,  or  whoever)  is  do  as  was  done when  I  was  a  boy  in  Georgetown,  Guyana,  by  women  of  whom  men were  seeking  to  take  advantage,  against  their  will:

  1.   Apply  the  sharp  fingernails,  leaving  train-tracks  down  the  side  of  the  face;  or
  2.   A  stiletto  heel  delivered  quickly  to  the head;  or
  3.   A  well-aimed  kick  straight  up  between  the  thighs.

Yes…  men in those  days  were  as  quickly  sexually  excited  as  are their today’s counterparts, but  the  society’s  norms  at  that  time  were  very different…  The rule  of  law  was  much  more  respected;  being considered  a  “gentleman”  was  a prized   perception;  there  was greater appreciation  by  men  of  women;  the clamour  for  women’s equality  was not  as  strident  and  divisive;  there  was  a  far lower percentage  of women  in  the  workplace  and  thus  away  from  the home; and  there was   considerably  less  exposure  of  women’s  bodies and  their sexuality by  what  is  today  called  “fashion”.

Of  course,  in  those  days  any  dress  hem  touching  the  knees  would have brought  allegations  of  indecent  exposure.  Now,   hemlines  are  so high,  one  is likely  to  be  able  to  see  right  up.

Oh !  How  times  and  things  have  changed  !!….  Differences  without  a difference… whores  and  prostitutes  are  now   respectably  referred  to as sex-workers;  grave-diggers  are  now  soil  scientists;  gardeners  are now landscapers; the  handicapped   are  now  the differently  able –  as  though we  aren’t  all differently  able.

As  a  youth,  I  don’t  think  I  had  ever  heard  the  word  “cleft”,  much  less understood  what  it  meant….  except  it  was  in   reference  to  a  few  unfortunate citizens  who  were  said  to  have  been  born  with  the  “cleft  lip”.

Overall,  because  in  those  days  women  were  mostly  confined  to  the role  of housewife  and  home-maker,  incidents  of  what   we  would  have called advantage-taking  of  women  were  considerably  fewer  than  is the  reality  today.

As  well,  there  is  the  seeming  perception  by  some  women  today  that  they have  every  right  to  conduct  themselves  like   “one  of  the boys”…  and  thus greater  exposure  to  likely  violation  of  their  rights.

Am  I  saying  that  women  must  be  held  responsible  for  the  sexual  incidents that  are  occurring  with  greater  frequency   these  days…. NOOOOO.

But  it  is  also  the  case  that,  especially  in  the  field  of  entertainment, women use  their  bodies –  their  sexuality –  to  entice   decisions  that  are in  their favour… to  get  where  they  want  to  go.

Nature  is  a  powerful  negotiator.  Both  men  and,  perhaps less  so, women  are very  good  at  that  sexual  game.


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