Hansib Publications – Hansib Book Catalogue – Summer 2017

Download Catalog: Hansib Catalogue – Summer 2017


Hansib Publications is recognised as one of Europe’s leading multicultural publishing houses. Founded in London in 1970 by Guyanese-born Arif Ali, the publishing house has reflected and chronicled the struggles and achievements, the turmoil and frustrations, and the hopes and dreams of Britain’s ‘visible minority’ communities.   

Since the publication of its first title in April 1971, Hansib has published magazines such as West Indian Digest, Root Magazine and Asian Digest; newspapers such as West Indian World, Caribbean Times, Asian Times and African Times and scores of books dealing with Caribbean, Asian and African communities throughout the world.

In 1997, Hansib Publications sold its three weekly national newspapers and has since focused solely on book publishing. Today, Hansib’s publications are available throughout the world and it has over 250 published books and specialist titles covering a wide range of subjects including literary, creative and critical writings and studies as well as its signature Nations Series. As a movement, Hansib has used its status and resources to fulfil its social responsibilities by encouraging, developing and funding community and combative initiatives, firmly in the belief that a strong community, contributing to the common good, will reap rewards and benefits for all of humanity.

For nearly five decades, this engagement with and campaigning for minority communities included bursaries for talented individuals, legal advice and interventions, donations, sponsorship, recording and celebrating the achievements of individual activists, apprenticeships and work placements.

Sir Shridath Ramphal, Commonwealth Secretary-General (1975-1990) wrote that, “Hansib’s current catalogue speaks eloquently of the range and quality of its publications, many of which would never have made it to the book shelves but for Arif ’s willingness, indeed wilfulness, in taking commercial risks to make this happen.”

Hansib Publications is proud of its success in providing an outlet for the many voices that remain unheard; the latent talent that cannot get beyond the portals of established publishers; the personal narratives that are testimonies of struggle, survival and success; and the theses challenging current orthodoxies.

With a growing network of distributors and sales outlets, internationally, these voices are now available in bookshops, libraries, centres of learning and specialist outlets. They are also available from many online booksellers such as Amazon and Waterstones as well as from its own website – www.hansibpublications.com

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