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That oil contract may be rooted in history – By Adam Harris

That oil contract may be rooted in history

By Adam Harris – Kaieteur News

Most of the conversation these days centres on the oil contract. This contract was made public in December after calls by the society. And from the time the contract was released, people began to pick holes in it.
And indeed there are flaws that seem to be to Guyana’s disadvantage. Critics began to pick at these flaws. Now there are calls for the oil company to revisit the contract and make things a bit more meaningful and profitable for Guyana.     Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – February 08-10. 2018

  News – 10 February 2018

Venezuela concerns… Guyana, Brazil to ramp up military cooperation

Total, Tullow and Repsol lauded for joint venturing on Guyana offshore blocks

SPU proposes re-opening sugar estates

Pre-contract cost… US$460M seem to have been pulled from an alternate universe- Hinds

Government policy is not decided by the advisor

Trailed from bank… Fisherman shot, robbed of $7.6M he withdrew to build house

—  See more News Links below  ……    Continue reading

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