Why Public Transportation Sucks in the US – Video

Why Public Transportation Sucks in the US – Video


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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 02/10/2018 at 12:51 pm

    In America, according to the presenter, the car represented freedom. For individuals like me who don’t drive and must depend upon public transport, our employment opportunities depend upon transit time to and from the place of work. During my early years here in the sprawling city of Los Angeles, I missed an excellent job offer because, without a car, I would’ve had to take several buses and a train to make it to the company’s location on the city’s periphery. Transit time proved inviable.

    • Mark  On 02/10/2018 at 7:56 pm

      I’ve heard that living in the suburbs that one requires a car because transit doesn’t work regularly.

      In Mississauga, Ontario Canada which is about 25 miles from the downtown core of Toronto, it was only 5 years ago that they improved transit from Mississauga to Toronto, but it still takes over 1 hour to reach those points.

  • Gigi  On 02/15/2018 at 7:42 pm

    Public transportation does not necessarily equate to better job opportunities. NYC has a lot of employed poor people heavily dependent on govt welfare, including free metro cards, because NYC is ridiculously expensive for poor people. But the wealthy need their cleaners, nannies, dishwashers, cooks, wait staff, Starbucks baristas and all around drudges living close enough to ensure their parasitical existence is relevant.

    One of my mandatory internships was at a school in Queens that took me 5 trains and 2 and a half/three hours hours to get to – the R, D, F, C and A. Had I wanted to, I could have gotten a job there upon graduation had I stayed in NYC. The school was predominantly Spanish and Indo-Guyanese, which was ideal but not worth the commute. However, had I stayed on in NYC, I probably would have had to take it since there are more teachers than teacher jobs in NYC.

    Two incidents that stood out from my time there. (1) There was a black Guyanese 4th grade female student (nice kid) in the classroom whose mother (no father in the picture) always take her monthly school issued metro card and the student had to jump the turnstile to use the train – yep! Teaching her kid to cheat and steal at an early age. I know this because we sometimes walked to the train station together and she told me her whole story. (2) The A train was/is the only train available in that area and one day, a shooting occurred on the train on its return run into the city causing a major delay. Having already paid the trainfare and no forthcoming alternative announced, we, myself and other passengers, were stuck for over an hour until we were finally issued with a ticket to ride the bus. Funny thing was, I had called my husband, who was already living in VA, to tell him what was happening and all he could suggest was to use Uber. Except I had no clue how to do so. When I finally made it home, it was well after 9PM. School got out at 3:30PM.

    I detest public transportation. Now, my only problem is when the navigation system in my vehicle insists on having me take take the express/E-Z pass lane even when it’s closed to traffic going in my direction, and no amount of ‘recalculating’ puts me on an alternative route. But it’s all good. At least I’m not stuck on a crowded train with a bunch of smelly obnoxious people breathing in noxious air. Instead, I can always pull off and go shopping or grab a bite until the traffic dies down – which I’ve done on more than one occasion.

    Sorry, not trading my personal vehicle for public transport.

    • guyaneseonline  On 02/15/2018 at 8:12 pm

      Why do you always have to infuse negative racial comments in your blog entries.
      Poverty and dishonesty comes in all flavors.
      For instance here you mentioned that the black kid was jumping the turnstiles… mother teaching her to be dishonest… Maybe this was so but you had to identify her as black when this could have been any poor kid from a struggling family… Oh sorry… no black father… that also had to be mentioned.
      We all know that this could be ANY kid.

      I have edited your comments in the past and you have been warned about your blatant black hate messaging so now you are skirting it with stuff like this.

      You are an intelligent woman but it is obvious that your intelligence is not being used to advance positive vibrations and harmony.
      If you cannot contribute to this blog without being a racist then stay away.
      From now on your messages will be blocked and monitored.

      Cyril Bryan.. Moderator. Guyanese Online

      • Ali...  On 02/17/2018 at 2:50 pm

        De woman always yaps about how she’s smarter than everybody and how she’s a teacher. She can’t be dat smart if she keeps bashing black people and poor people. My grandfather used to say that racism is a mental illness. De old man was right. Would this woman have mentioned the girl’s colour if she was brown or white? Me thinks she is a fake teacher . I say ban she azz.

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