Pictorial Feature – By Francis Quamina Farrier:- 1-6 of 12 photos

Francis Quamina Farrier

Pictorial Feature – By Francis Quamina Farrier

There is that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”; as such, this pictorial feature is likely one of my longest articles. During the year, 2017, I have taken over a thousand photographs in many locations in Guyana, as well as abroad, so it was a bit of a challenge to select the dozen which I have submitted for publication here.

My hope is that you enjoy viewing them, as much as I enjoyed taking them. I also hope that you will find the brief stories accompanying them, interesting.



New York-based, Guyana-born children of African Heritage, were at the Guyana Cultural Association of New York’s Annual Awards Ceremony, at the Borough Hall, Brooklyn, on Wednesday August 30, 2017, wearing Guyanese Indigenous out-fits. I was very impressed. Later they did an Indigenous dance routine for the audience, which included Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Sydney Allicock, Guyana’s Ambassador to the United States and the Organization of American States, Riyad Insanally, and Guyana’s Consul General to New York, Barbara Atterley. I’ll always treasure this photograph as proof of Guyana’s natural Acculturation and Social Cohesion.



LINDEN: The Demerara river at Linden

Linden: The only town in Guyana in which a river (the Demerara) runs through it. I took this photograph on Tuesday November 28, 2017, standing on the eastern bank of the Demerara river in MacKenzie, looking westward across the Demerara river to Wismar. As a 19 year old lad some 60 years ago, I swam across the Demerara river at this very point – from Wismar to MacKenzie. That was long before the three wards of MacKenzie, Wismar and Christianburg were given the umbrella name of Linden, dedicated to President Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. You would also like to know that I lived at Christianburg for a short period during the mid-1940s. I was there at the end of the Second World War in 1945, and can clearly remember the jollification of the people, when the news was received that Germany was defeated; to some degree, with the help of those brave Guyanese who gave service in the British West Indian Regiment. Before the construction of the Soesdyke/Linden highway, travel from this location to Georgetown was by the Sprostons steamer, the “RH CARR”, and launches such as the “Sun Chapman”. There were also some flights from Georgetown by the British Guiana Airways Corporation Grumman Goose amphibious six-seater airplane which landed in the Demerara river just about a quarter of a mile further up-stream from this location in the photograph. That was even before the MacKenzie/Wismar Bridge was built. Of interest, is that of the 345 of those planes which were manufactured and deployed internationally, two were in operation in British Guiana, and flew all over the colony.



Three independent Self Employed Guyanese Youths. Our meeting on the Parika T&HD Ferry Stelling was on Monday July 17, 2017, where we discussed their self-employment of Bird Trading. They go strictly by the Laws, they told me. The Essequibo River and Leguan Island are in the background. I have to admit that I failed to garner more about these youths due to time constraints. However, every time I look at this photograph, I tend to like it more and more and wish that every assistance is given to these young men, to make their private Business endevours as successful as possible. We do need more people to do as the Minister of Finance, Hon. Winston Jordan, stated in Parliament during the 2018 National Budget debate, “Come off of our laurels”, and do not expect the government to do everything for us.



Could it be the very broad rim hat? Could it be that the image of this attractive face graces a Guyana Postage Stamp? Could it be the very radiant Guyanese smile? Or could it be that Guyanese everywhere have a great love and respect for jet aircraft Pilot Capt. Beverley Drake?
I took this photograph at the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Family Fun Day in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday September 3, 2017.
A true and genuine Guyanese patriot, USA-based Capt. Beverley Drake continues to visit Guyana on a regular basis, and shares her vast Aeronautical knowledge with younger colleagues. She is also a Fashion lover and would indulge herself, due to her impeccable taste for only the best in attire, with some very daring creations which are figure flattering and oh, so attractive.
Capt. Beverley Drake, is also an exemplary mother and a superb role model for younger women in Guyana and world-wide.



There are some citizens who do some simple things, which, if done by many others, would make our Guyana genuinely Clean and Green.
I took this candid photograph on the south side of Robb Street, mid-way between Alexander and Camp Streets in Georgetown in November 2017.
Having disposed of the garbage in the right way, this humble citizen is pictured washing the garbage receptacle – with soap and water. He had no objection of me taking this candid photograph of him doing what so many other citizens never would consider doing. Unfortunately, such actions by patriotic Guyanese, are taken for granted by those in authority. By this simple chore, this Citizen is being supportive of the City Council Cleansing  Department, the the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the Ministry of Tourism.



BANKS DIH Shareholder Malcolm DeFreitas, is a regular attendee at the Annual Shareholders Meeting at Thirst Park in Georgetown. At the Question and Answer period, he always asks pertinent questions of some aspects of the Company’s performance. He always ensures that the answers by the Banks DIH Company Chairman, Clifford Reis, is satisfactory. Both Chairman and Shareholder would then thank each other for the questions and the answers given. This photograph was taken at the Saturday January 28, 2017 Shareholders Meeting at Thirst Park. Malcolm DeFreitas is also a Prize-Winning director at the Theatre Guild of Guyana.

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