The crime plague 2002-2006: Revelations that will kill PPP leaders – By Freddie Kissoon 

The crime plague 2002-2006: Revelations that will kill PPP leaders

 Feb 01, 2018  – By Freddie Kissoon 

Mr. Jagdeo has gone on the offensive with the announcement that there will be a judicial inquiry into the crime vortex that almost drowned society between the years 2002 – when the infamous jail break took place – and 2006 when it abated. Mr. Jagdeo for the past three days has accused big wigs in the then-opposition PNC of having connections to the mayhem that emanated from Buxton.    

Mr. Jagdeo cannot comprehend what a judicial inquiry is. If he knows, then he will understand that he cannot go on the witness stand and say, “I don’t know,” when the evidence will be there to contradict him. In such a situation, a charge of perjury can be instituted. In a judicial inquiry, the commissioners have judge-like authority.

When the process begins, it will shock the entire world. PPP leaders in that period are forgetting two factors. Captain David Clarke, who was based in Buxton as part of security logistics, was arrested for drug trafficking. After his plea bargaining and cooperation, he was given refugee status and allowed to stay in the US. What did he tell the US authorities?

Roger Khan also copped a plea bargain. Here is where Jagdeo is going to find himself in volcanic lava. There is material out there that the commission will want to access. Roger Khan has said that when the American Regional Security Officer, Mr. Stephen Lesniak was kidnapped, he met with Embassy officials to help in the release of Lesniak. So Khan was a major player at the time, yet all PPP leaders at the time, are on record as saying they never met Khan.

Then there is the statement from the general manager of the store where the spy equipment was bought, which Khan had in his possession when he was arrested on the Good Hope public road. The spy equipment by US laws is only sold directly to governments. There is a paper trail that showed it was Minister Leslie Ramsammy that facilitated the purchase. Ramsammy has denied it. If Ramsammy is telling the truth, why did the manager name him, a person who was the Minister of Health at the time and not a minister connected to state security? What will the commissioners say to Ramsammy if he is supplied with the proof?

There are the requests from the US Government not to confirm Henry Greene as Commissioner of Police. You have to be a jackass to assume that the US government was lying on Greene, had nothing on Green, and just didn’t want him to be the head of the police force. President Jagdeo declined the suggestion of the US and appointed Greene. There is material out there that quotes Robert Simels, Khan’s lawyer, as saying that it was Greene who bugged Commissioner Winston Felix’s office when Felix was on leave. That bugging resulted in an embarrassing conversation the Commissioner had with others.

The paper trail on the role of the Jagdeo government in the crime vortex in those years is going to embarrass the hierarchy of the PPP leadership. Mr. Jagdeo is forgetting that the head of the army and the head of the police and the chief of the army at the time were in possession of information that can seriously implicate many PPP ministers. Mr. Jagdeo is pointing to senior opposition figures that were connected to the Buxton conspirators. Be that as it may, the political authorities cannot be that stupid to hold a commission without any proof of the involvement of the then-government.

My thinking is that the then-big wigs in office feel that the most incriminating evidence will not be available to the commission – Clarke’s confession statement, Khan’s cooperation and Simels’ testimony. If the Commission fails to secure those documents, then PPP leaders will walk free. There will be substantial proof pointing to Khan’s penetration of Jagdeo’s government and Khan’s role in Waddell’s murder; information that most media operatives have. But if there is no material on the cooperation with American authorities by Clarke and Khan, the commission’s work will be inelegantly incomplete.

The release of the relevant documents by US authorities on the testimony of Clarke and Khan is a delicate matter that will involve complex negotiations. The Guyana Government has the skills to pursue those discussions. I doubt the US will be disinterested. Too many people lost their lives, state security was compromised by the acceptance of drug traffickers into the workings of the police force, senior government ministers were participants in a labyrinthine conspiracy of death and violence, and Guyana had experienced a hell no West Indian society ever endured. The US government should release the papers.

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  • Veda Nath Mohabir  On 02/02/2018 at 2:44 pm

    I will be quoting some sections of Eusi Kwayana’s 2005 book: “The Morning After” in order to expose Freddie Kissoon’ selective and “lazy” and perfidious. But then again, he has a Tamasic-Rajasic nature, as I explained in an earlier post.
    Kissoon, as is customary, indicts the PPP leadership. You will see, inter alia, that the ‘extra-judicial killings were already in force in 2001 when the PPP was returned to power (so as to undermine the duly elected PPP gov’t) not 2002, as Kissoon is trying to pin the killings on the PPP. Let’s see what the book says.
    Horace Campbell in 2004 writes in the Foreword:

    “The title of the book relates to the warning of an impending military coup d’etat in Guyana. The book clearly outlines how the rapid take-over of the Buxton community [“epicentre of the unfortunate actions was my home village”] was associated with an out of control coup plot.”

    “The book is at the same time a scathing critique of a particular brand of detached scholarship and of lazy journalism” [anticipating Kisson?]
    “Kwayana is exposing the selective memory of the masterminds who seek to gloss over the extra-judicial political killings that took place before the PPP took power.”

    “Throughout the period of the rule of the PNC violence was used in the society against innocent civilians and the assassination of Walter Rodney in 1980…”
    “The word mastermind appears on numerous occasions in the book, The Morning After. It is a signal that the violence and extra-judicial murders are not based on spontaneous acts of criminal elements but based on a pre-conceived plan of forces who want to come to power through violent means.”

    “Kwayana makes no apology for pointing the finger at elements of the PNC.”

    “Burnham provided a very good example of a leader who used radical rhetoric to cover up repression and a ‘constitutional dictatorship’.” [Keep an eye out for another one in the offing, now that the PNC is back in power].
    “After the elections of 2001 the racial epithets returned and Indians were attacked and killed in certain communities.”

    Kissoon regularly mentions Ronald Waddell as a victim. Let’s see what the book says of Waddell. Horace Campbell continues in the Foreword:
    “Mr. Waddell is described in the book as the host of a TV show who used the media to spread the idea that Indo-Guyanese were economic migrants and were therefore not qualified to be full citizens of Guyana. Waddell called for a boycott of Indian businesses and talked of ‘revolution’. Using the media to declare that Indians should have no share in the government of Guyana was providing the political legitimacy for military activity against the duly elected [PPP] government of Guyana.”

    Campbell quotes Kwayana: “My present opinion is that the basic objectives of the disturbances were political and racial in that context, and drug interest may have decided to exploit the climate of unrest to settle scores. Some observers claiming knowledge said that February [2002] jailbreak was master-minded by traders who hoped to use the men for their purposes. That observer went on to say that political Masterminds (my term) of the gunmen persuaded the five against playing that role and made them into the ‘Five for Freedom’.”
    “In the very same section where Kwayana outlines the political history of Waddell, the author spells out the logic of the views of the African ‘revolutionaries’.”

    “The political argument that African are outnumbered by Indians who arrived in Guyana much later than enslaved Africans and that democracy means, where voting is racial as it is, that Indians will be able to elect the party of their choice, which will always win, Africans will therefore be receiving orders rather than giving them.”

    “That the murders and kidnappings of Indians in Annandale were being organized by ‘freedom fighters’ in Buxton cannot be a chance phenomenon.” [And those crimes don’t even include the January 2008, 2:00 am cold-bloodied slaughter – many shown with their stomachs shot out – of eleven poor children and parents in the adjoining Lusignan estate where Kwayana was born.]

    “…in 2001 a section of the African population mobilised a constituency to fight for political power. A number of incidents including escaped prisoners, armed groups and extra-judicial killings signalled the start of a new mode of political intervention. The fact that the newly mobilised forces called themselves the Taliban signalled the militaristic, fundamentalist and misogynistic politics that were embraced by a section of the political activists who claimed they were fighting to end the marginalization of Africans in the political process.”
    “The village of Buxton was chosen as the site of racialised and militarised politics.

    ‘In 2001, Waddell became a candidate for the PNC/R. When they didn’t win Waddell “called for a boycott of the businesses of the PPP supporters and talked of the ‘revolution’ on the University of Nine. In a later broadcast, he called of those Indians who did not support the PPP to report to the PNC headquarters for protection. In a statement signed by three executive members, the WPA challenged these statements publicly as making the crudest threat in times of peace. Because Mr. Waddell’s call seemed to be made in the name of the owners of the PNC, WPA called on the party concerned to declare its position. This was a major threat to people’s human rights. It is the kind of threat which one African people made against another in Rwanda. Warning: Mr. Waddell never cleared up any doubts about his call.”

    So, “lazy” Kissoon, who were ‘Masterminding’ the “crime plague” ???


    • Ali  On 02/02/2018 at 4:36 pm

      Guyana is a rathole country. Guyana is a backward country run by thugs. Guyanese love to hate their fellow Guyanese. No wander so many of dem ran away to foreign lands. The ones that remain keep talking nonsense. Maybe the British should reclaim their former colony and turn it into a winter paradise. Because Guyanese are useless little puppies.

      • Mark  On 02/04/2018 at 11:59 am

        Corruption exists nearly in every government of the world. Otherwise, we don’t prefer that white “Brits” reclaim Guyana because they usually bring their police oppression, racism, sexual deviance and condescending behaviour anywhere they go—This applies to any white person living in USA, Canada and several Western European countries.

        If you look at the Boers in South Africa, they live in gated communities, segregate from Blacks and they also participate in public disorder like public nudity and Gay Pride parades which offends God-fearing Blacks.

        When South Africans complain about the conduct of the Boers, white America and Canada exaggerate that Blacks are “oppressing” Boers in “their country”. The Boers are former colonists, so how they can turn the tables to claim that they are the ones being oppressed amazes me.

        Thereafter, we don’t want the same importation of white supremacy packaged as pro-LGBT, feminism and white nationalism affecting Guyana. No thanks. Let the whites keep their social disorder in their countries.

    • Jenny  On 02/03/2018 at 12:26 am

      @ Mohabir….. A long and boring read with information already known. Try something different… Drug Lord Roger Khan and his Phantom Squads backed by PPP Government.

  • Gigi  On 02/02/2018 at 7:05 pm

    Not only is Kissoon lazy but he also suffers from amnesia and a multitude of other maladies. Kissoon has allowed himself, through the company he keeps, to be imperiled with these degenerative diseases that are used as crutches to excuse not only their sorry and dastardly behavior but their very existence. No one of worth admires them or values them except their own. They are mere tools that are expendable – all the way up to the uncle tom and his specimen that was installed into power by the ABCE countries (On the bright side, we know that the majority of the Guyanese people were not that daft to elect him). It is interesting that the ABCE countries DID NOT get involved to stem these massacres (just like in Rwanda) even though they did get involved to open the country for free and fair elections to take place, which they knew would led to ethnic massacres. Why is that?

  • Veda Nath Mohabir  On 02/02/2018 at 11:44 pm

    Re. Freddie Kissoon’s selective, “lazy” and perfidious journalism

    I mentioned that Kissoon has a Tamasic-Rajasic nature/personality. Here is the explanation of the terms:


  • Yvonne  On 02/03/2018 at 12:05 am

    Ali are you not a Guyanese? If so are you saying that you are a useless puppy? Why do you feel the need to run down your country in such a manner? Does it make you feel superior to your Guyanese brothers and sisters because you are fortunate not to be living in the rat hole you’re calling your country of birth. I cannot find the words to describe someone like you. But remember this….no matter which foreign land you have chosen to call home, you will always be a foreigner in that land and in many ways homeless. You don’t seem to have much to contribute to this blog except to call Guyana a shit hole or rat hole country. How sad!!!

    • Ali  On 02/03/2018 at 5:56 am

      The uncomfortable truth, Miss Yvonne. Sometimes people don’t wanna hear de raw truth. Me nah shame to call a spade a spade. Look at Guyana. De country is blighted. You can put lipstick pan a pig but it’s still a pig. But you don’t want to hear a man speak de truth. Me say give it a rest girl.

      • Mark  On 02/04/2018 at 11:39 am

        Why would you want white Brits to reclaim Guyana? This is disrespectful for Afro-Guyanese who fought against European colonists since the days of Cuffy and Dutch plantation owners in 1763.

        Literally, Exxon Mobil, run by white Americans, own Guyana. Guyana is the source of 3.2 Billion barrels of oil, but Guyana will only get 2% of royalties and 50% of net profits, which translates into less than 15% of net production, or even less.

        Exxon Mobil slapped Guyana with a US$460 Million dollar pre-exploration bill eve before 2020 production.

        If you think any government in the 3rd world can stand up against wealthy American corporations, then look no further to the Middle East where Gaddafi was assassinated because he wanted to sell his oil in Gold and Euros while implementing a gold-backed African Union currency, or to Iraq where former US ally Saddam Hussein immediately turned into the enemy after selling oil in Euros a few years before the US Iraq invasion.

        If you think white people are out there to save anyone, that’s not true. White people only exist to exploit, pillage, rape, plunder and rob in order to maintain their dominance on the world.

  • walter  On 02/03/2018 at 10:57 am

    This site is fast becoming a shit hole of opinion, nothing positive anymore, just I am smarter, no you are not, I am……………………….

    • Yvonne  On 02/04/2018 at 8:15 am

      Walter you’re absolutely right. Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.

      • Ali  On 02/04/2018 at 2:26 pm

        “Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.” Irony- maybe it’s best not to point out to wannabe journalists that good journalists never use “irregardless” – only the ignorant ones do- laddy laddy. ROTFL.

  • Mark  On 02/04/2018 at 11:49 am

    I wonder if Freddie Kissoon is paid by foreign governments to create a “push” factor that results in Guyanese leaving Guyana to immigrate to white countries like Canada, USA, Britain or European Union.

    I know that he is a critic of social issues and government, but his constant negativity sounds like propaganda intended to encourage as many Guyanese to leave their country so that wealthy foreigners can fly into Guyana with private jets to pillage the land without a larger population questioning foreigners.

    Freddie Kissoon was educated in Toronto, Canada so why doesn’t he criticize the Canadian government on how they treat racial minorities and First Nation Amerindians, or how in Canada, a female Manager, a white woman only had to pay a $500 fine for “accidentally” running over an elderly Chinese woman in the wealthy Bayview area?

    Corruption exists not only in Guyana Mr. Freddie Kissoon. You need to empower Guyanese to stand up for what’s rights and advocate for social change rather than scaring us with these stories and not proposing adequate solutions.

    Guyana will never let a white person oppress a Black man or woman like how they do it in America. Immigrating to America, Canada, UK or Euro Union is not the solution to solve Guyana’s problems unless one wants to study or advance their lifestyle, which is slowly becoming a rarity.

    If only Freddie Kissoon can write about racial profiling and racism in USA, Canada and UK, rather than support racist Donald Trump’s description, then that will change everything for the better.

    Guyana is our country, and no matter where we flee we will always be considered outsiders and victims of oppression.

  • Veda Nath Mohabir  On 02/05/2018 at 12:09 am

    Someone who follows Guyana politics, including the writings of Freddie Kissoon, very closely drew to my attention this series of old Kissoon’s writings on the very ‘crime plague’ which he now assigns to the PPP. You will see that his views were no different from Kwayana’s.

    I assessed Kissoon’s character using a Hindu schema (mainly to needle him because he has evolved – not even grown – to be anti-Indian/Hindu). See link I provided above, where I said he displays a Tamasic-Rajasic nature. In his case, the ‘Rajasic’ attribute manifests in perfidy/duplicity as detected in his later writings. You will see that his writings show 180 degrees turnaround. There must be some ‘method’ behind this apparent ‘madness’.

    So, let’s see what he has to say. You will note some surprising implications – how some so-called legitimate individuals, associations and political movements were involved, supported or benefitted from the “savage anti-Indian levels” and ant-PPP violence (Part III).

    Example: “There is no evidence available at the moment that the top leaders of ACDA or the PNC knew about the jailbreak plan, but once it happened and the Douglas tape was made, both ACDA and the PNC and the trio that makes up the WPA leadership – Desmond Trotman, Clive Thomas, and Tacuma Ogunseye (who was essentially an advisor to the PLM) – saw political usefulness in the Buxton factor…When and where in the past did major political organizations with parliamentary power in a democratic society support a criminal movement with serial rapists and saw political changes coming out of the activities of this anti-social, venal, semi-civilized grouping?… My own feeling is that the PNC’s tactical condoning of Ocean Eleven will haunt them at election time in 2006 even if Raphael Trotman is made the presidential candidate [which he was]”.

    So, how can any fair-minded person, especially an Indian, trust them, such as Trotman, a co-leader of the AFC, presidential candidate and now a senior minister of the current gov’t?

    And, here is a another earlier ststement which completely opposes what Kissoon now says: “The clamour about extra-judicial killings was simply a pretext by the political supporters of the PLM and Ocean Eleven to fuel the flames of anti-police fire. Guyana has one of the lowest rates of extra-judicial killings even in CARICOM when compared to Jamaica and Trinidad.”

    Re. Anti-Indian violence (recall, Wismar, May 25 &26, 1964 was an earlier example and Lusignan massacre of 2008 is a later example) Kissoon, writes: “When violence is ethnically motivated, it descends to the level of the beast and the atrocity of the murders has uncivilized instincts. A careful examination of all ethnic warfare in history reveals a pattern of horrible, bloodthirsty sadism. People are killed in the most horrific ways that no normal human being can look at without wanting to have some subsequent counseling. The cases are too numerous to mention but recent examples are Rawanda, Sierre Leone, and Bosnia”.

    Kissoon provides examples: “The drugged [Buxton] child soldiers were wild when they killed Indians. A kidnapped victim was repeatedly sodomized, and carvings were made in his flesh with two hunting knives before he died. GINGA was tortured and the post-mortem showed he was stomped upon with volcanic force. GINGA was an old man. The handicapped Haroon Rasheed screamed as he ran out the house on flames. They followed him out of the house and poured more kerosene on him. Ocean Eleven had a particular habit when they killed Indian businessmen. They liked to use AK 47 on their victims’ faces.”

    So, Kissoon has suddenly, ‘methodically’, forgotten that he wrote these articles and narratives.


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