Planet Earth: Our Home & Resting Place

Three Worlds One Vision

View of Earth from Space - NASA

View of Earth by the Apollo 17 Crew while traveling to the Moon on December 7, 1972
Photo Credit: NASA

Planet Earth
Mother Gaia to the Ancient Greeks
goddess and primordial power
to emerge after Chaos

Spinning and hurtling through space
at about 66,600 miles per hour
always in motion
trapped in orbit around the Sun

Earth your home and mine
no escape
gravity holds us all hostage
except for

Astronauts and cosmonauts
in their rocket ships
a privileged few
to view Earth from space
a tiny, fragile, blue ball of life
with a paper-thin shield
hanging in the void
exposed & vulnerable to

Solar flares and radiation
reflected and absorbed by a 300-mile-thick atmosphere
holding the life-giving air we breathe
a ticking time-bomb with rising carbon dioxide levels
as of January 25, 2018
the Doomsday Clock moved to two minutes to midnight
a notch closer to the end of…

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  • Ron Saywack  On 01/28/2018 at 6:39 pm

    The Earth is truly a fragile planet which is often taken for granted.

    It is fascinating to be alive in an age where we can collectively be in awe of Mother Earth and the massive Universe at large as seen from a different perspective.

    We humans ought to be better custodians of the only home we’ve ever known and the only home we will ever know. To date, we have done a poor job at it.

    The following is a humbling, awe-inspiring view of the Earth as seen from the Moon:


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