Schools: Early Sex Education or Imposed Indoctrination – By Yvonne Sam

Schools should be centres of Education not  mentors of Indoctrination

By Yvonne Sam – letter to the Editor,  Kaieteur News

With a heavy heart, I read the impassioned plea of the writer in  Kaieteur News January 20, 2018 (see letter below),  as he called on parents and members of the community to do their utmost in ensuring that the appropriate educational authorities refrain from emulating Western Europe and North America as regards the curriculum on sex education, especially the proposal of the LGBT, to introduce homosexuality and gender issues in the schools.

To coin a quote from the famous 18th century British poet Alexander Pope ”Hope springs eternal in the human breast”. This may be one issue that the reader may be forced to put to rest, as the horse has already left the stable.  

It is blatantly apparent that the game change is well on its way, and will eventually reach Guyana someday.  Even the mildly myopic can see that the moral landscape of today’s world has been utterly transformed.  

Last December Justine Greening the British Education Secretary reaffirmed that beginning September 2019, sex and relationships education is to be made compulsory in all schools in England. According to a report in the London Telegraph, the classes which will be made statutory for all primary and secondary schools,  and must be sensitive to the needs of young people, whatever their developing sexuality or identity.

The Good Book states that following creation of a man and a woman, God the sole creator clearly set forth some wrongdoings: homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and even cross-dressing. The Apostle Peter warned that those who commit such sins, unless they repent, will face severe punishment (2 Peter 2:6).

Whether they realized it or not, the families of the English-speaking nations were patterned after the commands of the Holy Bible, and policymakers and leaders believed the Bible when it claimed that only nations that obey the moral laws of God are blessed.

Homosexuality was previously considered a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association, but in the 1970’s in both America and England public opposition to homosexuality began to wane.  As society accepted the belief that morality is subjective, evolutionary philosophers promulgated the idea that homosexuality and even adultery were not evil. They were natural results of the evolutionary process.  Gender confusion was heightened in the absence of (he) masculine fathers and (she) feminine mothers teaching children about sex roles. In 2014, the British Parliament legalized homosexual marriage. The U. S Supreme Court followed suit a year later, a decade behind Canada who in 2005 became the first country outside Europe to legalize same sex marriage nationwide.

In Toronto Canada by Grade 3 students (age 8-9 years)  are learning about same sex relationships, which according to Kathleen Wynne, the first open gay premier, would assist kids with two moms or two dads  feel that their families are the same as everyone else’s. Is that truly so? How is the heterosexual family introduced? Are they considered oddballs.

Students in Grade 6 (11-12 years)are taught about masturbation and “gender expression,” while Grades 7 and 8, secondary school students discuss contraception, anal and oral sex, pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted infections.

Grade 8 students will also be taught there are six genders: male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex.

Gender politics have become an extremely contentious issue, now that transgenders are popping up like daisies in an abandoned field. On a planet called Earth with its inhabitants called humans, (depending on presenting sexual organs) at birth identified as either male or female. Someone born with a penis would be a boy and someone with a vulva would be a girl. The male was termed “boy” and grew into a “man”, and the female was termed “girl” and grew into a “woman”. It was that simple. Boy was taught, learned and was supported to dress and act in a certain manner, as was girl. To coin a well-known phrase “the living was easy”, allowing parents to cope with the more rigid demands of child rearing and basic human survival.

Like it or not this is the world we currently inhabit, and this is the language of th world around us. Granted, certaintopics should be broached but these should be done in the privacy of the home, as each child is different in how they respond to these topics and even words, and should be in a comfortable place to do so. In America, England and Canada prior to implementation of the curriculum on sex education, parents were given the opportunity to provide suggestions for what should be taught.  In essence and fact young children should be taught the broad values of respect and tolerance, and not be forced to accept adult sexual relationships

We should be teaching young children the broad values of respect and tolerance, not ordering them to accept adult sexual relationships most of which they are far too young to understand. This action of imposing of the sex education curriculum may be seen as being tantamount to human trafficking.  Schools are for education not indoctrination.

One may ask where are the churches/ religious organizations/ community leaders church in all this, as the crisis looms on the horizon. They are in crucial need of reengaging gears to suit both the need at hand and also ahead.  They must all work alongside the school and the parents in reaching an acceptable if not tolerable solution. Most parents are aware of the moral deterioration of our current society, but somehow believe that their child/ children will not fall victim.  It is imperative that the church rouse parents to deal with these sexual realities of the 21st century and train them to be the primary sex educators of their children.

No longer can the church continue to exist in denial and seemingly turn a blind eye to issues that define the sexual health and education of the young generation.  It is incomprehensible that sexuality education is extraneous to what constitutes present day church teaching. A moral revolution is needed and a collective responsibility. The stakes are too high—A caring church cannot sit idly by and allow secular sources to take over the sacred task of sexually education our future leaders.

There is still a lot of work to be done, many more rivers to cross, and miles to travel, if the supplication that the LGBT community’s proposal to implement homosexuality and gender issues in  schools in the Carribbean is to become a non-reality.  The wheels of action must be put in motion now.

To quote a well-known Guyanese adage: God only help those who help themselves, and while one hand can slap it takes two hands to clap.


LETTER:   Do not emulate North America and Western Europe in this area

January 20, 2018  Letters — Kaieteur News

If you’ve been observing the headlines of importance over the last couple years, you may have noticed the incredible surge of interest in affirming homosexuality and trans-genderism in the American, Canadian, and Western European educational systems.

This extends beyond the classrooms where teachers advise young students to attend explicit Gay Pride Parades where participants are typically fully nude in public as a doctrine of ‘freedom of expression’.

I do not accept the idea of Caribbean nations to follow such curriculum. It’s obscene, immoral, unscientific and inappropriate for children. However, even when I point that out I will expect the usual name calling from LGBT and gender issue organizations. Despite this, I will continue to explain why we should not allow LGBT and gender issue organizations to corrupt our children.

Firstly, there is a very significant difference between tolerance of homosexuals as human rights, and indoctrinating impressionable minds in order to recruit foot soldiers and willing participants for homosexuality. In other words, a teacher can advise a teenage student that they shouldn’t bully their classmate for identifying as a homosexual, but when teachers encourage impressionable young minds like primary school students to cross dress and become homosexuals, then that crosses the line.

Furthermore, the LGBT curriculum in USA, Canada and Western Europe are becoming very explicit that parents are starting to protest against such explicit content being taught to their children, but to no avail. Instead, LGBT and gender issue collaborators in the teaching profession attempt to denounce the complaints as “homophobia”, or they use secrecy to hide what is being taught to students in school.

However, the LGBT community has an immunity against criticism because in various countries such as Canada, criticizing homosexuals is considered a hate crime. Even in the USA where there are higher protections for free speech, refusing to bake a wedding cake for newlywed lesbians, or refusing to sign off a marriage certificate for a gay couple is considered an offence.

Furthermore, the latest trend in countries such as Australia is for nursery school students as young as four and five to somehow have the mental and legal capacity to make a decision to change their gender through hormonal treatments and gender re-assignment surgery. In Canada, teachers are obliged not to inform parents if their child wants to change their gender.

Therefore, parents and respected members of the community must petition their local education officials to reject the LGBT community’s proposal to implement homosexuality and gender issues in our schools.

Poorer countries like Haiti and Jamaica were able to protest against the LGBT community at the risk of losing foreign aid. African countries like Uganda have sternly indicated to America and Canada to cease the coercion of LGBT acceptance in their countries. Once you give the LGBT community an inch, they will take a mile to indoctrinate the young ones to become homosexuals.

It is in the interest of morality to prevent further erosion of values by the LGBT and gender issue community.

Neville Franco

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  • Mark  On 01/25/2018 at 8:42 pm

    NBC News promoted and endorsed a five-year-old “transgender” girl to male:

  • Dave D  On 01/26/2018 at 3:47 am

    While I understand the fear mongering caused by a complete misinterpretation of the Education Curriculum of Ontario’s Kathleen Wynn-led Government, especially from a writer in the only Country in South America to hold archaic laws punishing same sex activities, your judgement on such matters are grounded in the belief that The Church & State should operate hand-in-hand. Nothing could be further from the truth… THIS is the cause of heinous evil perpetrated over millennia. Such ignorant ways of thinking panders to the proven myth that people decide their sexual attraction as they approach puberty. It constantly amazes millions of caring, intelligent adults that there continues to exist masses of people brainwashed by their supposed religions into believing that the teaching of various expressions of sexuality in the context of loving monogamous relationships will steer masses of young people into homosexuality. I ask you writer was there ever a day you recall in your youth when you woke up and decided ‘I am going to choose to be attracted to those of my same gender’? Furthermore, in a world so filled with hatred and bias against homosexuals for millennia, why then would any homosexual person exist, given their freedom of choice to choose to be heterosexual, at least in your truly warped way of reasoning?
    I suppose you would continue to have young people suffer at the hands of the Religious Right because of their unchangeable desires for expressing their love and commitments to a person of the same gender? Sadly, you and your ilk continue to use religion to punish and instill self-loathing in the minds of young people, driving some untold percentage of such beautiful human beings to suicide. But then again, Guyana is per capita the Suicide Capital of the world, isn’t it? The next time I see an article penned by you, I will ignore it as there’s no way to have God’s light of love and compassion ever enter your distorted mind.

  • Mark  On 01/26/2018 at 1:11 pm

    “Many parents would find that introducing this idea of dating at age 9 is not age-appropriate. On its own this content might not seem too serious, but in the context of the other controversial lessons, plus the curriculum’s connections to a confessed child pornographer (jump to link) and to unsavoury groups who promote anal play, group sex, sadism/masochism, and bondage (jump to link), parents are prudent to see a red flag here.”[]

    Excerpt of Case Law where a sexual education lesson went wrong and explicit:

    “In late June 2013, the Member advised the principal that a Grade [XXX] female student was talking about sexual activity in explicit terms to the Grade [XXX] boys. The Member explained that because the topics referred to by the female student were not covered by the Grade [XXX] curriculum, in particular the “69” position, she had taken the Grade [XXX] boys aside to clarify what the older student was talking about. The principal told the Member to contact the boys’ parents and explain what she had told them, and to contact the girl’s parents, which she did.

    20. On the last day of classes in June 2013, the Member conducted an open forum discussion with a small group of boys to cover the sexual education they had missed. During this session, she permitted them to ask her anything. Amongst other topics discussed, one student asked the Member how old she was when she lost her virginity and whether it was her choice. The Member told him that she was 16 years old, the age of consent during her youth, but that fact did not imply that she made a good decision. The Member discussed this conversation with her colleagues afterwards.”

  • Mark  On 01/26/2018 at 1:18 pm

    Dave D,
    It’s ironic that President Maduro can afford to hire a lesbian to act as a sign language interpreter on TV for his speeches, while millions of his citizens starve, that they even flee to this “Archaic” country called Guyana; at least they can find some food to eat, rather than starve under 300 Billion barrels of oil.

    You also forget to tell us that gays and lesbians, including transgenders are comprised of the top 1% in North America. It’s considered taboo and even illegal to even criticize gays and lesbians in Canada, America and England, which carries a way harsher sentence than if one commits an actual crime!

    • Dave D  On 01/26/2018 at 1:38 pm

      Mark perhaps you can explain what relevance the supposed hiring of a Lesbian by Maduro of Venezuela has to the topic written by Yvonne Sam. Except of course if you’re referring to a separate Article about Guyana’s hypocritical rejection of many Venezuelan people trying to survive by crossing their Eastern border. It was a troubling Expose on very inappropriate/possibly breach of conventions Guyana is supposed to obey being part of the UN, but I fail to see the relevance of your comment.
      Beyond that, there’s a regular habit of pulling some bizarre new items exhibiting rare and unusually controversial incidents (if such stories are correct) as a desperate attempt by ‘church-indoctrinated’ individuals to prove that their hatred and homophobia is worthy of consideration. Start embracing the downtrodden and discriminated and stop deluding yourself that you possess some “right” to dictate to any other individual whom they should love and marry and your life may yet become fulfilling.

  • Mark  On 01/27/2018 at 8:46 pm

    @ Dave D, I’m not here with boxing gloves trying to argue. I don’t see what your response of religious ‘homophobia’ contains any relevancy to my comment that you are trying to argue.
    Speaking of refugees, Guyana’s GDP is only ~ 4 Billion while the USA is 18 trillion and Canada, with 1/10 the population of USA is 1.6 trillion.
    I find it bizarre that the social left complains that the religious right is dictating anyone who to marry, while pro-gay American organizations like SASOD and others fly business class into Guyana to tell the government that they should make it illegal for an 18-year-old to date a 17-year-old female, bypassing any public consultations, accommodation for Indigenous beliefs and other rights that Guyanese have when it comes to legislation.
    I actually resonate with the OP and Yvonne Sam for her viewpoints, that is, don’t indoctrinate young children on adult homosexuality!

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