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Opinion: Trump is Almost Right. He’ll Get ‘95 percent’ of Black Voters — Voting Against Him.

Trump is Almost Right. He’ll Get ‘95 percent’ of Black Voters — Voting Against Him.

If there was any doubt left, the last few weeks have erased it.

Theodore R. Johnson | The Washington Post

In 2016, candidate Donald Trump declared that if he became president, “at the end of four years,” when he ran for re-election, “I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African American vote.”

Given his performance to date, he’ll likely need to add this small corrective: “to vote against me.”             Continue reading

Climate Science Special Report – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Thomas Fire - Santa Barbara County - Southern California - 12 December 2017

Thomas Fire – Santa Barbara County – Southern California – December 12, 2017
Photo Credit: Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Here in California, after years of drought, ferocious wildfires have consumed the tinder and everything in their path. Ignited on December 4, 2017, the Thomas Fire was not fully contained until January 12, 2018. Now ranked as the largest fire in California’s modern history, it burned about 281,900 acres, equivalent to the size of Dallas and Miami combined. It destroyed 1,063 structures and damaged another 280.

Torrential rainfall on January 9, a welcome respite for firefighters, brought more distress to residents in the area. Mudslides roared down fire scarred slopes, destroying and damaging hundreds of homes, as well as commercial property. Twenty people lost their lives; three are still missing.

A home on Glen Oaks Road damaged by mudslides in Montecito

Home damaged by mudslides – Montecido – Santa Barbara County – Southern California
January 10, 2018
Photo Credit: Kenneth…

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ExxonMobil to build HQ, hotel, helipad, training centre, etc.

ExxonMobil to build HQ, hotel, helipad, training centre, etc.

– identifies 10 acres of land from Ogle Airport Inc.

ExxonMobil will soon begin developing 10 acres of land under the control of Ogle Airport Inc (OAI), the company that operates the Eugene F. Correia International Airport.

Reports are that the oil company is looking to erect its headquarters there. ExxonMobil also wants to build a training center and a helipad. One source said, “I am also being told that they will throw up a ‘living quarters’ which can be considered a hotel.”

Yesterday, OAI’s Public Relations Officer, Kit Nascimento confirmed that the oil giant is looking to get lands at Ogle. He did not specify amount.     Continue reading

Is sex the answer to your relationship woes? – By Amelia Hill – The Guardian

 – Sun 21 Jan 2018 – The Guardian

Michele Weiner-Davis, the marriage-guidance counsellor, explains why she thinks having sex – even if you don’t feel like it – is the foundation of a happy relationship

How does it make you feel when your partner is cold and distant? Or when they’re critical and prickly? Does it make you want to rip their clothes off, order in a vat of whipped cream and install a chandelier to swing from?

No? Well there’s your problem – according, at least, to Michele Weiner-Davis, the marriage-guidance counsellor whose Ted talk (SEE VIDEO BELOW), explaining her unconventional advice to warring couples has been viewed almost 3.5 million times online.         Continue reading

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