January 2018 – Niagara Falls and Hudson River Freezes: What is the REAL Cause? – Video

Niagara Falls and Hudson River Freezes, Warm Air is the Cause ! … according to the Media.

Adapt 2030 – Published on Jan 8, 2018

The media is feeding record warm records and talking about heat anomalies while referencing the recent record cold across Canada and the USA that broke thousands of all time cold records dating back 100-200 years.       

What the media is good at telling us is that climate is long term and weather is short term , so lets look back at climate cycles and determine where it will once again become cold on our planet.

Hudson River freezes ice breakers rescue stranded vessels, Niagara falls freezes, ice fog on the great lakes and record heat in Australia during the summer. Notice also how the media is focusing on the record heat in Australia while describing the record cold in N. America.

Sources below:

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