Shithole in the Act – By Leonard Dabydeen

Shithole in the Act – By Leonard Dabydeen

(An Experimental satirical Sonnet in iambic pentameter, written in Caribbean-style local (creole) English and standard English – based on the de facto current political events in America.)


What this President say ‘bout yuh country

That it’s a shithole and yuh come from dat,

Is  but a racist gaffe for yuh and me;

And this is how he thinks, no matter what.

But yuh know chutney sang say, ‘Mudda Count’;

He don’t know what he say, ‘cause he lying

Even when he twitter media account,

And mix-up dis Russian interferin’.

He don’t like blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans,

He hate them like yuh never seen before;

And he wants to deport all the Haitians,

And build wall to keep coloureds out the door.

That his time is short, a matter of fact;

He is a shithole, something in the act.

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