Our Gods of War – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Costs of War Project Map of USA Counterterror War Locations 2015-2017

Costs of War Project Map of USA Counterterror War Locations 2015-2017
Prepared by: Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs – Brown University

In his article “Mapping a World From Hell,” published on January 4, Tom Engelhardt presents a unique map produced by Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. After more than 16 years since the United States embarked on its war on terror that has transformed entire countries into hell on Earth, we finally have a visual representation of the true extent of our never-ending wars.

After first targeting Afghanistan in pursuit of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist group back in October 2001, as retribution for the group’s 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, our nation is now militarily engaged in some form in 76 countries. That’s 39 percent of the world’s nations, as indicated in the…

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  • Gigi  On 01/09/2018 at 9:49 pm

    Frightening reality Rosaliene. In addition to the Pentagon losing count of exactly how many soldiers are deployed to ‘create these wars of terror’, you can bet that it is also clueless to the number of mercenaries fighting on its behalf to undermine the very soldiers it has fighting these wars. I was poking around the internet the other day reading up on fascism and came across a very in-depth article on its history and link to the enormous profits American corporations made in WW1 that set the stage for America’s incessant wars for profit motive. As long as war remains profitable and the populace can be brainwashed into believing that “they hate us because of our freedoms” and “we have to fight them over there so that they don’t fight over here” coupled with the hero worshiping of their soldiers for risking their lives for the wealth and benefit of the rich man…oops I mean country, then there will be no end in sight.

    Here is a handful of companies that profited immensly from that war: Du Pont average earnings for the period 1910 to 1914 were $6,000,000 a year. The average yearly profit during the war years 1914 to 1918 were $58,000,000 a year. Bethlehem Steel yearly average earnings between 1910-1914 were $6,000,000. Then came the war and their average profits were $49,000,000 a year! United States Steel normal earnings during the five-year period prior to the war were $105,000,000 a year. Then along came the war and the average yearly profit for the period 1914-1918 was $240,000,000. Anaconda’s average yearly earnings during the pre-war years 1910-1914 was $10,000,000. During the war years 1914-1918 profits leaped to $34,000,000 per year. Utah Copper’s average of $5,000,000 per year during the 1910-1914 period jumped to an average of $21,000,000 yearly profits for the war period. International Nickel Company showed an increase in profits from a mere average of $4,000,000 a year to $73,000,000 yearly. General Chemical Company averaged a profit for the three years before the war of a little over $800,000 a year. Along came the war and the profits jumped to $12,000,000. American Sugar Refining Company averaged $2,000,000 a year for the three years before the war. In 1916 a profit of $6,000,000 was recorded. For full article see: https://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html

    Side note: from my readings, I learned that fascism is actually rooted in socialism and was given the name liberalism in America. Yep! Roosevelt’s new deal society with all it programs designed to help lift people out of poverty and jump start the economy was very similar to the policies that Italy’s Mussolini engineered to save Italy. No mention was made of Hitler’s Germany but one can find similarities. Is it any surprise then of fascism’s steady rise in America.

  • Mark  On 02/09/2018 at 4:09 pm

    If Guyana behaved too arrogant with that oil contract with Exxon, the US would have likely tried to create a hell on earth like what they are doing to Venezuela because Chavez nationalized the oil industry and seized exxon’s assets for the Venezuelan people.

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