Guyana Speaks – London. UK – 28 January 2018

Download Flyer: Guyana Speaks – London- 28 January 2018

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May I firstly wish you all the best for 2018 and trust that you had a very enjoyable festive season!      

The Guyana Speaks team appreciate all the support that you gave us last year.  Without you our initiative would not exist!   We are particularly thankful to everyone who helped us to raise enough money to purchase a 4hp outboard motor for the children of Wakapoa.
Thanks to our supporters we managed to raise a total of £1,627.39; a special thanks must go to Fazia Ouhla, the CEO of UB Fitness for a single donation of £1,000.
As we passed our target, we will also be purchasing 11 life-jackets for the children and the boat-driver, as well as plastic sheeting (i.e., tarpaulin) for the boat to protect them from getting wet during the raining season.   A full update on this will be provided at the next Guyana Speaks event which takes place on Sunday, 28th January (2pm-5pm).
This brings me to this month’s topic, the ‘Stories, Poetry and Fables of Guyana’ and our four distinguished guests: John Agard, Keith Waithe, Rosie McAndrew and Marc Matthews.   What better way to start the year!  We hope you will be able to join us.
For full details see below.  Please circulate these event details amongst friends/family, and encourage any youngsters you know to attend.

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Doors 2pm | Programme 2.30pm-5pm
Admission £5.00 (inc. beverage) – Guyanese food & snacks on sale.
Tickets also available via Eventbrite link:

The Guests: Bios

John Agard, acclaimed poet, playwright, performer and children’s writer, is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry (2012).  Born in Guyana, he later moved to Britain where he has lived since 1977 with his partner, Grace Nichols.   His poems cover a wide range of subjects that include ancient mythology, history, Caribbean folktales, politics and environmental issues.  

Keith Waithe, award winning Guyanese flautist, composer, teacher and expert proponent of vocal gymnastics, has also been based in Britain since 1977.  Best known as the founder of the Macusi Players, Keith Waithe, will on this occasion collaborate with John Agard to produce creative fusions of spoken word, poetry and music.

Rosie McAndrew lived in Guyana from 1968-1973 and worked for Broadcasts to Schools through Voluntary Services Overseas, later teaching at St Joseph’s High School and studying Education at University of Guyana.   In 1970, Rosie married Guyana’s celebrated folklorist, broadcaster, journalist and poet, Wordsworth McAndrew, and through him became fully absorbed into Guyanese life and culture.  Her memoir, Wordsworth’s White Wife tells the story of her life in Guyana in the momentous years just after independence.  Rosie’s talk will focus on Wordsworth’s life and works.

Marc Matthews is an award winning Guyanese writer, actor, broadcaster and producer.  As a freelance reporter living in 1960s London, Marc was also closely involved with the Black Power Movement and Caribbean Artists Movement.  He is a pioneer of nation language performance poetry and will be performing pieces from his own repertoire as well as Wordsworth McAndrew’s, Ol’ Higue.

With thanks as always,

Juanita Cox Westmaas
On behalf of Guyana Speaks

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