Coat of Arms – Guyana

Another year has ended and a new one has dawned. Greet the New Year with hope and aspiration and be confident that all you set out to achieve will be realised.

We at Kaieteur News wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and pray that you all will reap prosperous outcomes.

Also spreading New Year’s Day sentiments are a number of individuals and organisations a few of which we are able to share within our pages.


Guyanese greet the dawn of 2018 feeling good about themselves, their children, their communities and their country.
Guyanese have inherited and inhabit a beautiful, bountiful and blissful country – a land that is celebrated in the words of our beloved National Anthem, as the “Green Land’: …of rivers and plains; [m]ade rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains; [set] gem-like and fair, between mountains and sea.”
Guyana, indeed, is a gem-like, luxuriant land– of grasslands, highlands, islands, wetlands, lakes, mangroves, mudflats, rainforests, rivers and waterfalls. We are happy in our homeland.
We shall protect our heritage, which is every citizen’s birthright, and bequeath this endowment to future generations.
We signified, in the year 2016, that the year 2017 would be spent in setting the settlement of the unlawful and unreasonable claims to our country’s territory on a definite course. The United Nations Secretary General, in 2018, is expected to discharge his commitment to setting that course in a manner consistent with justice and international law.
We shall continue to defend every ‘blade of grass,’ of our homeland. We shall never cede a centimetre of territory or compromise a title of sovereignty.
Guyana is changing for good. We are promoting the good life for all. We are reducing divisions and maximising cohesion. We are protecting our patrimony, pursuing economic prosperity, promoting respect for national institutions and providing better public services and improved human safety.
We are building a country of which everyone can be proud.
We shall continue to work with all sectors and strata of society to improve our political culture and promote inclusiveness. We must repudiate vulgarity. We must rebuke those who abuse our public institutions and reject the poisonous politics of the past.
We shall continue to work to eradicate the inequalities and disabilities which foster destitution and discrimination. We are creating a more equal society– one with greater opportunities and a higher quality of life for all.
We extend open arms of friendship to all political parties, social organisations and religious groups to collaborate in order to contribute to creating a more cohesive society.
We shall continue to work to provide greater social protection for everyone, particularly our women, children, the elderly and persons in difficult circumstances.
We did increase the minimum wage for the lowest-paid state employees by nearly 50 percent; we increased old-age pensions by almost 50 per cent; we increased social assistance by 27 percent, all in only 30 months. We will ensure that the disadvantaged are protected.
We shall continue to work empower local government organs so that they can bring improvements to communities. Local democracy will be renewed in local and municipal elections in 2018.
We declared three new ‘capital towns’ last year to expedite enterprise and economic development in their respective regions by increasing investment and generating employment.
The surge in agro-processing, artisanal manufacturing and cottage industries seen in the regional agricultural and commercial exhibitions is evidence of the green shoots of healthy grass-root economic growth.
Our hinterland, rural, riverine and village economies are being strengthened through support for micro- , small and medium-sized enterprises.
Young people, through the new Guyana Youth Corps, will be receiving training in skills to convert their ideas and energy into economic enterprises. We will work with workers in all industries – especially bauxite, sugar and timber – to seek access to alternative employment.
We shall continue to work towards making the country safer for all by improving citizens’ security. Security sector reform being undertaken with support from our international partners, aims at creating safer communities and protecting the people from transnational threats such as illegal narcotics-, firearms- and people-trafficking.
We are building a country in which everyone can be safe.
We shall continue to improve the delivery of public services by ensuring that citizens have easier access to education, electricity, health, housing, information, recreation, sanitation, sports and pure water supply services.
We shall continue to improve the delivery of birth, death, immigration and marriage registration and passport and pension services.
Life is getting better, year by year. Guyanese have lots of reasons to feel good about their homeland in 2018!
A Happy New Year to all!


The dawn of a New Year offers an opportune moment for reflection on successes and failures, an assessment of strengths and weaknesses, the charting of relevant courses for personal advancement, and the move forward for the collective prosperity as a nation.
In reflecting on 2017, Guyanese faced many challenges – our democratic gains were challenged and the areas where other gains were made saw setbacks. However, the resoluteness of our people proved unwavering, demonstrating that the spirit of the Guyanese people will not be broken in times of adversity. This is commendable and a hallmark of our people.
While 2018 will bring new challenges, it is the People’s Progressive Party’s fervent hope that the New Year will also bring success and joy to all of our people. It is our Party’s wish that all Guyanese will remain steadfast in hope and that Guyanese will assiduously endeavour to work for the betterment of our nation and fellow citizens.
May we all be imbued with a sense of renewal, activism and enthusiasm as we embark on a New Year. May our humanitarian spirit remain strong as we keep in thoughts and prayers those who have been placed at a disadvantage.
As we herald the beginning of a New Year, the People’s Progressive Party takes this opportunity to extend to Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora and their extended families, best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and productive 2018. The People’s Progressive Party would also like to take this opportunity to commend and recognise the growing support of our Guyanese brothers and sisters both locally and overseas. This strengthens us and fortifies our resolve so that together we can confront whatever challenges the New Year can bring.
Once again best wishes for a joyous New Year!

May Prosperity come to every home, family and community across the far-flung regions of our country.
The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) extends greetings for a Happy New Year to all Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora. The PNCR and its coalition partners in government, last year, faced many challenges. Thankfully, we are better together than asunder. As the New Year dawns, the PNCR calls on all Guyanese, regardless of race, ethnicity, political affiliation or religion, to participate in bringing about the transformation of our country so that Guyana’s vast resources may, at last, be made to serve the imperative for development and social advancement of all the people of Guyana.
On this, the first day of the New Year, it is our hope that all of us will realize a measure of prosperity in our personal lives and that each of us, wherever we may be, will endeavour to make some contribution, however small, to the development of our country. The PNCR, therefore, looks forward to participating, as it has successfully done in the past, in the continuing drive for the peaceful development of this dear land of ours. The Party wishes all Guyanese a very Happy New Year and looks forward to 2018 with optimism and hope.
May God Bless our Nation as we strive to provide a Good life for all Guyanese!

May the year 2018 bring all of Guyana the very best in every meaningful way. May our country climb to greater heights and may our people continue to prosper. I extend these sentiments on behalf of the Executive Council of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU). Most deservingly, may our members enjoy an uplifting New Year.
We in the GPSU have every reason to look forward to the New Year. The year that is now behind us was eventful in more ways than one and suffice to say, that we look forward to 2018 being a better year for our members.
Betterment, of course, has to be derived, in the first instance, from our relationship with our members’ employer, the Government of Guyana. We have done our own painstaking evaluation of that relationship and the conclusion that we reached is that much is left to be desired.
In various ways and on various occasions since the accession of the APNU-AFC administration to office, the GPSU had alluded to its desire for a qualitative change in its relationship with government. I say, unhesitatingly that our wish still remains to be fulfilled. We had hoped, perhaps above all else, that the winds of change would bring with them a relationship grounded in principle, in trust and in an enhanced official recognition of the critical importance of our members, the nation’s public servants.
Our biggest, better-sweet disappointment has to do with what we believe to be the volte face executed by the APNU-AFC Administration with regard to its undertaking whilst in opposition to focus frontally on a number of burning issues impacting both on the livelihoods and conducive work environment to augment the performance of public servants. Here, it is apposite to recall some of those issues including: The reinstatement of the agency fees agreement; The issuing of outstanding certifications of recognition; The finalisation of the Recognition Agreement to represent employees of the Guyana Revenue Authority; The restoration of Collective Bargaining; Remuneration of fair and realistic allowances; De-bunching and payment of in scale increments; The full and meaningful implementation of the Cabinet decision for Sweeper/Cleaners AND The return of GPSU real estate seized by the PPP/C Administration and the administration‘s tangible and meaningful support for the full and effective operation of the GPSU Sports Complex which exists for the recreation of its members and adjourning communities.
The neglect of these issues, to this very date, we say unapologetically, is reflective of an unacceptable absence of appreciation for the sacrifice and the attendant suffering which Public Servants continue to endure in the hope of ‘a better day.’
The GPSU had hoped, as well, that the APNU-AFC Administration would set its face against the unwanted intervention by the ‘dead hand’ of political intervention in the workings of the Public Service of our country. That, decidedly, has not been the case. Recently, elements of the incumbent administration deemed it appropriate to ‘engineer’ the return to the Public Service of a functionary who, not a hundred years ago, was removed from government employ for valid disciplinary reasons. Additionally, there have been several acts in conflict with the legitimate decisions of constitutional bodies. We condemn these acts of political interference and the institutions responsible for their administration.
No one can justifiably deny the protracted struggles of our members against the backdrop of numerous challenges. At this time we reflect on those commitments offered by the present political administration during its tenure in opposition to place the welfare and well-being of Public Servants much higher on government’s agenda. We say, regrettably, but without fear of contradiction, that there exists no persuasive evidence that it has kept its word. Politicians on all sides of the political divide continue to evince what, in our view, is an absence of sufficient regard for the value of the Public Servant. Here, it is not only a question of their labour being decidedly undervalued but also the value of their capabilities being cast aside.
It remains the position of the GPSU that the quality of its relationship with government can be measured only in terms of the extent to which the administration holding office demonstrates a strong and transparent mindfulness for the interests of our members. In this regard the GPSU wishes to restate its continued willingness to work with the incumbent administration towards that end though we wish to make clear our determination to remain unrelenting and uncompromising in our quest to compel the government to honour its promises and its obligations.
As we look towards this new year let us not forget, brothers and sisters, but remember that there is strength in numbers, as we work together for the betterment of all.
In closing, I would like to emphasise my sincere wishes for betterment, good health, safety and prosperity – to you, my fellow workers and your families for 2018. Long live the Cooperative Republic of Guyana! Long live the Guyana Public Service Union!


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes all Guyanese a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
The IAC, in its vision for a happy and prosperous 2018 wishes to have a safer and secure society; to observe improved relations between the government and the opposition; that all matters pertaining to the development of the petroleum industry in Guyana be made transparent and full accountability ensured; that a special public program be established for the benefit of the thousands of dislocated sugar workers who are currently facing severe economic hardship and a bleak future; to see the retraining of and issuing of former sugar lands to retrenched sugar workers; to witness the allocations of commercial space for small vendors; to see the urgent repair of the crumbling Soesdyke/Linden Highway; to have more overseas markets for Guyana’s rice production; to view drastic reductions in incidents of spousal abuse, substance abuse, and suicide; to observe increased gold production to offset decline in gold prices in 2018; to notice improved educational standards to counter declining results especially in Mathematics and English; to have increased youth employment both on the coast and the hinterland; and to see improved living conditions for the less fortunate elderly citizens.
The IAC wishes to inform all Guyanese especially those of Indo-Guyanese origin that the organisation will continue to pursue vigorously its three foci: cultural, educational and social work.
A high point will be the observance of the 180th year since the first batch of Indian indentured immigrants was brought to these shores.
The IAC encourages all citizens and leaders to make 2018 a peaceful and progressive year in which the economy experiences growth and development which is necessary for social cohesion and national unity!


New Year’s Message from the Publisher – Kaieteur News

Happy New Year!
The New Year is a time of renewal. The New Year is a time when persons make plans for the year ahead. It is time to set one’s goals and to recommit to certain values. We wish everyone success in achieving their goals for 2018.
The achievement of goals, however, requires more than sustained commitment and effort. The right conditions must exist for goals to be realised. With the support of Government, the right environment can be created to ensure that 2018 becomes our best year yet.
The government must be even-handed. Favouritism, cronyism, vindictiveness and racial discrimination are poisoning the national environment. However great the temptation to reward its supporters; the government must act in the interest of all Guyanese.
The government must ensure that sugar workers are not placed on the breadline at the same time that it is stacking the public service with its own supporters.
Public servants, teachers and the police deserve better salaries. They have been short-changed for far too long. Future oil revenues will be more than adequate to sustain living wages for all workers.
Business must be boosted in 2018. An improvement in business will create more jobs and generate increased revenues for Government. The business climate will not improve unless there are changes in the way the economy is managed.
The problems of economic management are being worsened by crime. Too many citizens are being left penniless after attacks. Too many businesses are being robbed. Investors are shying away because of the daily criminal attacks. Citizens cannot be expected to improve their lives if they lack the freedom to move around safely.
The deception and distrust generated by government’s secrecy over the signing bonus is likely to be further aggravated when the realisation of the full implications of the Exxon deal registers. The Exxon deal is a grand betrayal of the century. A two percent royalty on over 3 million barrels of oil is unacceptable when the global average is between 7% and 12%.
A US$18M signing bonus is inexcusable when other countries have received far higher signature bonuses.
The New Year is an opportunity to put things right.

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  • needybad4u  On 01/01/2018 at 11:24 pm

    Celebrate This New Year- 2018
    (sonnet in iambic pentameter)

    It’s your time to pause and unfold your list
    To do checkmarks on things done bye and bye;
    It’s your chance to reveal what you have missed
    Without feeling guilt you did not comply.

    Now you ought to look at all the detail,
    Where achievements you made do satisfy
    All work done as required without any fail;
    Then you can tap your shoulder, wipe your eye.

    You can review this list, scan what was missed
    Rewrite again with new resolution;
    After all time to be a pragmatist,
    Make a fresh start without hesitation.

    You have nothing to lose as you begin,
    For Life is worth its challenges to win.

    ~ Leonard Dabydeen

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