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Opinion: What to do about China’s “sharp power”- The Economist Magazine

What to do about China’s “sharp power”

China is manipulating decision-makers in Western democracies. The best defence is transparency

Dec 14th 2017 – The Economist Magazine

WHEN a rising power challenges an incumbent one, war often follows. That prospect, known as the Thucydides trap after the Greek historian who first described it, looms over relations between China and the West, particularly America. So, increasingly, does a more insidious confrontation. Even if China does not seek to conquer foreign lands, many people fear that it seeks to conquer foreign minds.             Continue reading

The Snake Repellent – Adapted from an ancient Amerindian Myth – by Peter Halder

The Snake Repellent
(Adapted from an ancient Amerindian Myth)
by Peter Halder

Fero Gadjee and his family lived at Seba, a settlement on the Upper Demerara River in Guyana. The family lived in a typical troolie palm thatched hut a short distance from the bank of the river. His father, Jaro worked at the Seba stone quarry.

When Fero turned 18 years, he decided to go and live on his own. A relative who lived at nearby Zion Hill told him about a plot of land on the western bank of the river about three miles to the south. The land needed clearing.

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QC Alumni NY Chapter brings Christmas cheer to Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry

QCAANY Chapter brings Christmas cheer to Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry

 Enlarge this image  – by Tangerine Clarke

PHOTO: QCAANY at Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry in Queens. Second from left front row, Consul General Hon. Barbara Atherly, Tony Singh, Sherrilyn McPherson, old student of St. Rose’s old girl, Brenda Brentt-Peterns and Patrick Stephens. Stooping, Karen Wharton, president of QCAANY, Carlotta Waterman, and other volunteers.             

The motto of the Queen’s College of Guyana High School is — Lawful and Helpful Everywhere — a dictum that has held true to the stellar work the former students continue to do, and demonstrated with humility on Dec. 9, when the New York Alumni Chapter dedicated its service to humanity by volunteering at Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry in Richmond Hill, Queens.      Continue reading

Guyana Christmas Nostalgia – by Peter Halder + video

Christmas Nostalgia – by Peter Halder

Growing up circa the mid-1940’s on Non Pareil Street, Albouystown, Georgetown in Guyana, Christmas was indeed the most wonderful time of the year. It was not just the greatest holiday but a season that lasted from Christmas Eve into the new year. It was hustle and bustle for moms and dads but for children, it was jolly, merry, festive with lots to eat and drink.

Two weeks before Christmas Day, a masqerade band began to tune up and practice in Padmore yard, near where we lived. Members of the band were from Plaisance village on East Coast Demerara.    Continue reading

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