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GEMS Mother’s Day Brunch – Toronto – May 13. 2018

About GEMS

Biography/Historical Background   
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How virtual reality is taking dementia patients back to the future

How virtual reality is taking dementia patients back to the future

The Wayback project recreates coronation day in 1953 on 3D film using actors, period costumes and props, right down to fish-paste sandwiches. The effect is to bring back vivid memories for those struggling with the present

In a comfortable armchair, glass of sherry at her side, Elspeth Ford is getting to grips with her 3D goggles. “Maybe I’ll go another other way now,” she says, looking left, right, up, down. She breaks into a cheery rendition of the Lambeth Walk.    Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – December 13-14. 2017

News –14 December 2017 

Granger takes full responsibility for secret $18M Exxon fund

Auditors misled during probe of GECOM’s $100M radio set fraud

Gunmen rob passengers, rush home and pretend to be sleeping

Several GRA ranks sent home over past year in corruption crackdown

Finance Minister defends use of Special Account for ExxonMobil bonus

US Appeals Court finds 60-month sentence for illegal Guyanese excessive

No pay for Edghill during suspension

Guyana must avoid pitfalls of oil money – Director of Environment

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Donald Trump Did It – Lindy West | The New York Times

Donald Trump Did It

Lindy West | The New York Times

Yes, President Donald Trump has sexually harassed women. This concludes my ethics investigation.

I hate to bore you with technical jargon, but I suppose it’s important, in the interest of nonpartisan professional transparency, to offer some insight into my methodology.

First of all, as a very good sexual harassment investigator, I know that one of the sexual harasser’s classic tells is a history of repeatedly sexually harassing women, or talking about sexually harassing women, in public, either on the internet or on video or on the record with reporters, perhaps as recently as today.   Continue reading

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