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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – December 11-12. 2017

News –12 December 2017

Parliament descends into chaos after Edghill disobeys Speaker’s order to leave

Freedom House staffer jailed for throwing faeces on Freddie Kissoon

Auditor General to probe collapsed GECOM Office

Norway refuses to work with Guyana on oil and gas

Controversial Parking Meter Project… Profit sharing agreement high on agenda for M&CC renegotiation team

Bauxite workers up pressure on RUSAL; complains to President

President, Opposition Leader should meet on rapid Parliamentary slippage into disorder – Trotman   

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A Roy Moore Victory Should Make Your Stomach Churn With Fear – Paul Mason | The Guardian UK

The Prospect of a Roy Moore Victory Should Make Your Stomach Churn With Fear

Paul Mason | The Guardian UK

Despite allegations of sexual abuse and hard-right views, Moore is supported by the Republican establishment – the cumulative radicalisation of the American right is fully under way

At what point does corporate America start disinvesting in the Republican party?

Not any time soon seems to be the answer. Having rushed a tax bill through the Senate that will deliver tens of billions in tax cuts to rich people and corporations …,

Why should it bother the average business owner if the Republicans want to put an Islamophobe into the Senate to represent Alabama?      Continue reading

“All the Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water” – video

“All the Signs That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water” – video

BRIGHT SIDE –  Published on Jun 2, 2017

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos – 12 December 2017

GUYANA: Capitol TV News Videos

Jason Abdulla sentenced to six months for throwing feces on newspaper columnist Freddie Kissoon

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 04:03 AM PST

Three dead in horrific Mahaicony accident

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 04:01 AM PST

Consideration of 2018 budget estimates suspended after opposition member refused to leave parliament

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:59 AM PST

PPP members of parliament accused of making a mockery of rape

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:25 AM PST

Police investigating murder of East Coast Demerara Woman

Posted: 12 Dec 2017 03:20 AM PST

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