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Ramnarine Sahadeo – Guyanese-Canadian, initiates Gandhi scholarship at McMaster University

Ramnarine Sahadeo – Guyanese-Canadian initiates Gandhi scholarship at McMaster University.

Ramnarine Sahadeo

By   Deanna Tigani

History will record 2017 as the year when Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary as a nation but for McMaster University (www.mcmaster.ca) located in Hamilton Ontario it will also be the year when the first Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship was established in the Province. “There is need for many more” says the initiator Ramnarine Sahadeo (ramjihindu@rogers.com). Sahadeo was born on island of Leguan, Guyana and has met too many who know little or nothing about the man who has changed the world.    Continue reading

T’is the season to be grateful and $ensible – By Yvonne Sam

T’is the season to be grateful and $ensible.

By Yvonne Sam

We need to recall the joys of Christmases because of the celebration of life, family and community, not Xmas trees, shop-till- you-drop sprees and gargantuan feasts. 

Yes, right after Halloween the buildup and conversion began, with tinsel and glitter replacing masks and costumes, and store circulars becoming much thicker due to longer advertising inserts. Buy! Buy! Buy! The recommendations are almost hypnotic. Merchants have become far more aggressive in trying to separate consumers from their dollars, as humans once again endeavor to bring to mind the reason for the season.      Continue reading

Author Martin Jacques discusses China & global issues – 2 videos

Author Martin Jacques discusses China & global issues Pt 1

CGTN America  –  Published on Oct 19, 2017

Martin Jacques has never been shy about sharing his views, whether as a columnist or editor of various publications, or as co-founder of this own think tank. And he’s no stranger to academia as well. A sought after lecturer, he’s currently a Senior Fellow at Cambridge University and a Visiting Professor at Fudan and Tsinghua Universities in China.

His book – “When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order” is now in its second edition.


Continue reading

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