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The Green Heart Of Guyana – video


The Green Heart Of Guyana – video

Ben Driver   –  Published on Sep 5, 2017
A look into the conservation research that Operation Wallacea carries out in the Iwokrama reserve of Guyana. Guyana holds one of the largest intact tropical rainforests in the world and with Operation Wallacea, students like myself, can go to this remarkable place, to work with world renowned scientists, indigenous people of the region and like minded people to try and protect this wonder.
Find out more at: https://opwall.com



By Norman Datt

I have to quote this gentleman who asked, “How do we mould a country?” Imagination, intelligence and integrity, sometimes simple decency, it works as well. Talking about gossip he remarked, “We can’t afford it; we’re a little nation. We need to think and act outside of our skins.

Every day must be about excellence without let-up, until we drop; where every person feels like a leader because every person is a leader.” He said that even a man who has a family is a leader, but stops being a leader when he beats his wife. “Then he becomes a word; coward, a coward. You can’t build a nation from cowardice, you can’t do it; you destroy it like that. Our country can be a very, very special place, but we need to take practical steps to make it real.”

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Oil Production – Offshore Guyana – Animated Overview video

Oil Production – Offshore Guyana – Animated Overview

Hess Corporation –  Published on Jun 23, 2017
Watch the animated overview of the origins and the future production plans of the Guyana basin.

The 7 Myths of the GOP Tax Bill – Annie Lowrey | The Atlantic

The 7 Myths of the GOP Tax Bill

It will supercharge growth, help the middle class, and boost workers’ pay. Or will it?

Annie Lowrey | The Atlantic

Republicans are making some heady claims about their hastily constructed, historically unpopular tax legislation.“If we do this, then America will win again like never, ever before,” President Trump said in a speech touting the legislation this week. “A vote to cut taxes is a vote to put America first again. We want to do that. We want to put America first again. It’s time to take care of our workers, to protect our communities, and to rebuild our great country.”             Continue reading

Slingshot – Christmas in Guyana – music video

Slingshot – Christmas in Guyana – music video

Slingshot DrePaul  –  Published on Nov 16, 2016
…Celebrating Christmas in Guyana… “There’s nothing like meh home on Christmas morning, liming wid meh frens and family…” By: John Slingshot DrePaul, 2016… …special ‘thank you’ to Russel Lancaster & staff (Guyana) for the original video shoot…and Dani Donadi & Donadi Music Productions (Florida) for the recording…our forever gratitude…!!
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