Philosophy for Old Age by George Carlin – video

Philosophy for Old Age by George Carlin – video

Wise words attributed to the late George Carlin, one of America’s great comedians, on how to stay young. It should be called “Philosophy for All Ages.”

R.I.P. George Carlin… You were one of the best.. seeing the world as it really is … in “real time”.

Background music: “Godspeed” from the Time Machine soundtrack, composed by Klaus Badelt.

Atlas Wakes – Comment    

Good, one thing I don’t like about Western society today is that we treat old people like shit. I am not saying its a bad thing to have youth culture, but when your just past age thirty or forty and society disregards you. That is terrible. Compare that to Asian counties like Japan, where older people beyond age 50 and 60 are looked up to and admired. Especially by the youth because of their wisdom and experience.

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  • Gigi  On November 25, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    Don’t beat up on the ageing thingy. At least one gets to take time to smell the roses and observe what may have been overlooked in one’s haste to get there.

    We just returned from spending the week of Thanksgiving in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina – no internet, no cable tv, and spotty cell phone service in return for being surrounded by fresh, clean mountain air and nature’s peace and quiet. Most of our activities were spent hiking to various waterfalls located in different parts of the Smoky Mountains. I didn’t make it to some because my body could no longer handle the 6+ mile hike some required. I did manage a 4 mile hike and it was rather taxing. But the kids were like butterflies, full of energy, vigor and impatience, fluttering off from one place to the next without allowing themselves to become really immersed in the beauty of their surrounding. I didn’t go with them horseback riding because I felt sorry for the poor horses. I used to go in my younger days and never thought about the discomfort or stress to the horses. They don’t hold the same view. That is the difference between the young and the old, and having been of such youth once, I now relish my ageing years whatever the number.

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