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Guyana: Young Bill Rogers- The Winning Chutney – music video

Guyana: Young Bill Rogers- The Winning Chutney – music video

Young Bill Rogers’ winning entry in the 2013 Mashramani Chutney Music Competition 2013.

CHUTNEY MUSIC was created and has become popular in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. It is an admixture of Indian Music and Soca/Calypso music


Philosophy for Old Age by George Carlin – video

Philosophy for Old Age by George Carlin – video

Wise words attributed to the late George Carlin, one of America’s great comedians, on how to stay young. It should be called “Philosophy for All Ages.”

R.I.P. George Carlin… You were one of the best.. seeing the world as it really is … in “real time”.

Background music: “Godspeed” from the Time Machine soundtrack, composed by Klaus Badelt.

Atlas Wakes – Comment     Continue reading

Guyana: Sagga’s murder…Cops remanded

Sagga’s murder…Cops remanded

Lawyers seek protective custody as ‘Best Cop’, colleague enters jail

With a hostile crowd outside the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, two cops accused of ordering the murder of a prominent businessman, were yesterday refused bail after being charged with murder.

Corporal Derwin Eastman who was once Best Cop for ‘A’ Division and his colleague, Constable Jemison Williams, who are both attached to the Brickdam Police Station, arrived at the Court shortly after 14:00 hrs yesterday and were remanded to prison for the murder of Godfrey Scipio known as “Sagga”.    Continue reading

Guyana: History-rich Pomeroon coffee breaking new ground

Guyana: History-rich Pomeroon coffee breaking new ground

……  It is being heralded as the oldest coffee in the New World.

Nov 19, 2017 – Kaieteur News

Louis Holder explaining the critical functions of the computer-controlled coffee roaster.

More than two centuries later, it appears that one of Guyana’s oldest secret is on the verge of making a comeback, on a commercial scale, and it is being welcomed with open arms.

From the farms of Pomeroon, Region Two, to the Project Dawn compound, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, ‘Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee’ is breaking new ground (no pun intended).    Continue reading

How tainted is the Guyana Police Force? – By Adam Harris

How tainted is the Guyana Police Force?

Nov 19, 2017 – Kaieteur News – By Adam Harris

The case of Godfrey Scipio, called ‘Sagga’, continues to stun the nation. This past week the Major Crimes Unit arrested a policeman who was once at the top of the law enforcement pile. This policeman got an on-the-spot promotion in 2015 for solving a series of robberies and even one murder.

He was adjudged the Best Cop in ‘A’ Division and the runner up Best Cop in the police force. He seemed to know who the criminals were and he would lead his colleagues to the home of the criminal or to the location where the criminal was. Pretty soon the reputation of the Guyana Police Force soared.     Continue reading

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