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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – November 20-21. 2017

News –21 November 2017

AFC moves to revise Cummingsburg Accord

Allegations of appalling sexual misconduct at senior city secondary school

Allegations of political interference being made by those who have something to hide – SARA head

Contractor paid $36M for $2.6M foundation works

Int’l firm to value GuySuCo will be known by mid-December

Govt. will pay dearly for ignoring the people’s concerns- TIGI Head

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The Dreamers: Doubts About Brexit on the Rise in Britain – Jörg Schindler | Der Spiegel

The Dreamers:  Doubts About Brexit on the Rise in Britain

It has often been said that Brexit means Brexit. But does it? With Prime Minister Theresa May showing weakness and the negotiations dragging, some are hoping that Britain’s departure from the EU can be warded off.

Jörg Schindler | Der Spiegel

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in Bedfordshire is an extremely British institution. For the past 128 years it has dedicated itself to protecting endangered species such as the black-legged kittiwake, great crested grebe and the wood warbler. And now the society, with a membership of 1 million, has another mission: Stopping Brexit.       Continue reading

CSJAD Newsletter: Special Edition – November 2017

Download:  CSJAD newsletter Special Edition-. Nov. 2017

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