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Georgetown Guyana: Brickdam Tour, Stabroek Square and Parliament Building


Walk With Me on Brickdam, Stabroek Square and Avenue of the Republic

Raphael –Published on Mar 18, 2017
Continuation of the walking tour of the city of Georgetown, Guyana, South America. This walk take us past the Parliament Building and the Stabroek Market Square.

Donald Trump and the Erosion of American Greatness – Roger Cohen | Der Spiegel

Moral Emptiness: Donald Trump and the Erosion of American Greatness

Some say Donald Trump’s presidency does not present an existential threat to the American Republic. But after a year of MAGA, it has become clear that a disaster is unfolding whose consequences for humanity and decency will be substantial.

An Essay by Roger Cohen | Der Spiegel

Ten months into the Trump presidency, the world has not gone over a cliff. Nuclear brinkmanship with North Korea has not produced Armageddon. That this must be considered an achievement is testimony to how alarming Donald Trump’s erratic belligerence has been.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has concluded that Europeans must now take “our destiny into our own hands.” Dismay is widespread. The post-war order, stripped of its American point of reference, is frayed to the breaking point.    Continue reading

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