Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – November 04-06, 2017

News – 06 November 2017

Disruptive behavior during President’s address…I would have asked them to leave, or called the police to get them out if they refused- Former Speaker Sase Narain

AG flags inaction by new Govt. on crucial recommendations

Hope is Rising…Anti -suicide concert unites crowd from across social and ethnic differences

COI finds…Guyana Defence Force faces web of problems

Inquiry into mining pit collapse…GGMC officials allowed breach of laws and regulations at illegal mining site

British group makes massive investment in local coconut industry

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Civil society body mulls strategy to engage Govt. on child protection

Umami Inc. rebrands products at ‘Uncapped’ event

Govt. steps in to help City Hall with solid waste debt

Mocha Arcadia to benefit from infrastructural upgrades, water and housing programmes

Govt. diligent in upgrading legal system

Guyana moves to acquire equipment to contain oil spills

Guyana benefited from PM $20M overseas trips

Women on the Move Stage 17th Cancer Awareness Walk

Police are to increase patrols at bus parks

News – 05 November 2017

Over 70, 000 self-employed citizens escaped GRA’s tax net last year –AG

Auditor General report confirms massive irregularities at GECOM

CV controversy …Pressure mounts for GECOM Chair’s resignation

COI report finds…‘Hostile’ relationship between Top Cop, Deputy caused rift among senior ranks

Little progress seen in $700M Port Kaituma Hospital

Soil scientist, Dr. Oudho Homenauth, is a ‘Special Person’

The Prestige line of products serving Guyana for over 20-years

Medical mission opens today

Empowering diabetes workshop targets young women

Three-hour journey now takes 30 minutes

New Amsterdam has new Mayor and Deputy

Performance Appraisal for Accountability and Quality Education

Pensioners get new waiting and toilet facilities at Reliance Post Office

Guyanese teacher tops in Jamaica

Chinese firm awarded US$37M contract for broadband upgrade

Digicel takes wireless telephone service to Coomacka

NPIC ringing the changes for success across the Caribbean BPO sector

Financial Literacy: Entrepreneurs must manage Cash Flow to Survive

NIS intensifies efforts to provide improved service

‘The Helpline’ – an initiative aimed at restoring mental wellbeing

The Story within the Story…We have sold Guyana to the devil 

News – 04 November 2017

Shakeup in the police force in the making very soon – Minister of State

2016 Auditor General report finds …GRA fails to submit records to support $30B in exemptions to businesses

Patterson’s appointment as Grenada’s Chief Justice neither here nor there – Harmon

Gold sector spurs modest economic growth

Digicel’s owner plays up landing fibre-optic cable in Guyana

Government takes over nearly $4B AHI debt.

Broadcasting Authority issues postdated radio licences

Berbice High Court, October 2017 criminal session opened

More pencil accounting discovered…National Parks ordered to get books in order

Over 150 participants to attend CFATF conference

Timehri 4-lane Access Roads…BK denies overpayment; insists it is Govt. that owes him

98 trafficked humans rescued last year

AFC objects to PPP ‘unparliamentarily’ behaviour

PPP/C ‘latrine behaviour’ in Parliament heavily criticised

23 million internet service for Kato School

Prison deaths COI reveals…Inmates live with roaches, centipedes, lice and rats

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