Deviation from the Accepted Norm – By Yvonne Sam

Deviation from the Accepted Norm

By Yvonne Sam

Experts now claim that from the age of 2 a child can know he/ she is transgendered. At birth, a child’s mind is a blank slate. He/she must be taught to think and reason properly

Clearance on Appearance

Not so long ago on a planet called Earth with inhabitants called humans, were (depending on presenting sexual organs) at birth identified as either male or female.Once a sex was assigned, we presumed the gender of the child. Someone born with a penis would be a boy and someone with a vulva would be a girl.    

The male was termed “boy” and grew into a “man”, and the female was termed “girl” and grew into a “woman”. It was that simple. Boy was taught, learned and was supported to dress and act in a certain manner, as was girl. To coin a well-known phrase “the living was easy” then, allowing parents to cope with the more rigid demands of child rearing and basic human survival.

Then changes crept insidiously into the landscape, with several new words taking their place in the English language, irrevocably altering family structures, politics, legal systems, educational systems and social norms: trans, transgender, nonbinary (gendered), pansexual, cisgender, gender-fluid. A trans or transgender, has changed or is in the process of changing his birth sex, usually with the help of medical intervention.A nonbinary or pansexual is one who has not made up his mind yet—he does not identify as either male or female, while a cisgender is an individual who identifies with his or her birth sex

Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner who changed to Caitlyn  Marie Jenner  caused transgenderism to make big headlines,  and also a legal uproar in America and Canada over whether or not transgender schoolchildren could use bathrooms reflective of their new sexual identities

Sadly the transgender movement in its wake is marching relentlessly into new territory—the mental and physical health of very young children. Dr. Diane Ehrensaft, a developmental and clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay area, founding member  of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center , an alliance between the University of California San Francisco and community agencies to provide comprehensive interdisciplinary services and advocacy to gender nonconforming/ transgender children and youth and their families, and  associate professor of pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco now claims that from the age of two kids can know they are transgender.  A two year old boy can know that he should have been born the opposite sex, and a girl at 2 years can know that she should have been a boy. The doctor further adds that if we expect a two year old to know “I am a boy”, I am girl”, why cannot the same also apply to transgender children


Choosing or Losing

Keeping in line with the doctor’s mode of thinking, she further adds, if a boy wants to wear dresses, then get him the dresses. Let the child be free to choose. Maybe he will stop wearing dresses. Maybe he will grow up to be gay.”

Ehrensaft suggests that parents listen carefully to the child’s use of pronouns regarding gender, observe any sign of frustration concerning his or her own genitals, and also take it seriously when a boy wants to wear a dress or a girl wants to play with trucks. In professional terms, this suggestion is called –gender expansion play


Infantile Confusion or Psychological Delusion

Normal two year olds just beginning to talk do mix up their pronouns Although I fail to see how a 2 year old girl who chooses to play with her brother’s Tonka truck can be seen as being representative of gender confusion. It takes the much larger mind of an adult to see this innocence as some form of transgenderism. To further confuse the issue, adults allowing cross dressing in a child as young as 2 years old is certainly introducing confusion into the mind of the child regarding sexual identity. Let us not forget that adults should be guiding not siding with the child.


The Ruse behind large scale child abuse

Strange but true, certain conditions that were formerly treated as a mental illness, is now largely asserted and even promoted as normal by the medical community.  Previously, “gender identity disorder” was the diagnosis assigned to children anguished by their biological sex, a term that was changed in 2013 (Diagnostic& Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to gender dysphoria. Such a change was made possible by the often unseen hand of the transgender movement.

Dr. Michelle Cretellapediatrician and president of the American College of Pediatricians, has a different view of the transgender ideology.One of the biggest scare tactics transgender supporters throw at parents is that they must allow gender transformation in order to prevent suicide. These harms constitute nothing less than institutionalized child abuse

She terms it abnormal when trained medical personnel recommend that parents accede to a transition-placing affirming protocol: acting as if the child is the gender he or she chooses, placing the child on puberty blockers when the child attains the age of 11 or 12.  If by age 16 the child is till of the opinion that he or she is trapped in the wrong body then the child should be placed on cross sex hormones. Before the age of 18, genital reassignment surgery is not recommended, although some surgeons have recently argued against such a restriction who regularly and untiringly insist that they are not their birth sex are considered innately transgender.

A change that is out of range

Gender politics has become an extremely issue, now thattransgenders are popping up like daisies in an abandoned field. Purveyors of the medical profession are far too quick and ready to hand out hormone treatment just for the asking, or assist kids in transitioning right away.

Increasing willingness to accept people on their terms, for who they are, is a significant indicator of social progress. However it is apparent that more problems are being produced than is being solved. Medical science try as it may, cannot construct a body that allows you to forget you were born the other sex. In addition, despite all the scientific advances thus far no scientist has found a way to exterminate the X and Y chromosome and replace it with G for genderless.  Humans can test Mother Nature but we just can’t mess with her. Celebrating the differences between male and female is what makes us human. We are too quick to label ­behaviour when we should just wait for nature to take its course.

A look at the Good Book

Following creation of a man and a woman, God the sole creator clearly set forth some wrongdoings: homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and even cross-dressing

(Leviticus 20:13; Deuteronomy 22:5; Romans 1:26-27). The Apostle Peter warned that those who commit such sins, unless they repent, will face severe punishment (2 Peter 2:6). Sadly that is exactly what is being done today. The Hippocratic Oath that dictates the actions of all doctors and psychiatrists: Do No Harm runs counter to what is actually being done.  It is evident who is helping and who is harming. Eradicating gender confusion is part of proper child rearing. At birth a child’s is like a blank slate, and as such must be taught to think and reason properly. They should regard their anatomy as relevant and something to be cherished, not shameful or unnecessary.  From a safeguarding point of view treating children as if they were adults is a dangerous and potentially costly approach.  They must enjoy the creativity and innocence of their childhood, and be protected from being made to feel that passing phases of confused feelings about themselves, must be converted into life-changing moral and political decisions.  There is enough for children to navigate let alone a little girl worrying that she should have been born with a penis.

If the medical profession can do no good then it must strive to do no harm.

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