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Beautiful Guyana – Land of Many Waters – Video


Beautiful Guyana – Land of Many Waters – Video



Dominica: Hurricane Maria: Halfway there with the Hotel The Champs Staff Relief Fund

Dominica:  Hotel The Champs Fundraiser after Hurricane Maria

Dear Friends,

A very warm Thank You to all those who already supported Hotel The Champs Staff Relief Funding. We are well on the way in achieving our set amount of Donation for our Staff Members. Without you it would not be possible. Please continue to donate to help us. 

We are Hans and Lise the Proprietors of Hotel The Champs in Dominica. On September 18, 2017 our island was hit by category 5+ Hurricane Maria. We were happy to be alive after such a scary night. We woke up next day to something that we least expected. Everything that we owned was in ruins.  …  Read more 

Editor’s  Note:

Guyanese Online would like its readers worldwide to help in keeping the employees of THE CHAMPS supported while they rebuild and repair their hotel.

Thank you for your  contributions.

Canada’s ‘Welcome’ to immigrants has some unintended consequences

Canada’s ‘Welcome’ to immigrants has some unintended consequences

October 29, 2017-  NPR – Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Right after the U.S. election last year, Mike Tippett saw an opportunity. He’d been talking to his friends in Silicon Valley and they were nervous about the newly elected president’s attitude toward immigration.

“Many of the start-ups and technology companies in the States and across the globe are made up of people who are not necessarily from that country,” Tippett says.

Almost half of all American start-ups were actually founded by immigrants.

When Donald Trump took office, American tech companies worried that getting international employees work visas in the U.S. would get a lot harder. But Tippett had a solution to offer them: move to Vancouver.    Read more


Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October 2017

Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October 2017

Halloween Greetings to everyone who celebrate the trick-or-treat tradition.

Our October 2017 issue of the Buxton-Friendship Express is here. You may click on the following link to access it:



Lorna Campbell


Buxton-Friendship Express – buxtonexpress@aol.com

GERMANY: Joschka Fischer on Rise of the AfD

Joschka Fischer on Rise of the AfD

‘We Know How This Movie Ends’

Former German foreign minister and Green Party veteran Joschka Fischer speaks to DER SPIEGEL about the threat posed by the right-wing populist party AfD and the prospects of the country’s next government.

Interview Conducted by Ann-Katrin Müller and Ralf Neukirch | Der Spiegel

Germany’s elections may have been held almost four weeks ago, but the country still doesn’t have a new government. The reason is simple: Angela Merkel’s erstwhile coalition partner, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), want to go into the opposition, leaving the chancellor with only one clear path to a stable majority.      Continue reading

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