Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 28, 2017

News – 28 October 2017

‘Search warrant was uncalled for’ – GEA

Advisors call for Parliamentary body to oversee Oil and Gas sector

German’s Restaurant to open two NY branches

New power generators for E’bo coast arrive

Venezuelan ‘syndicate’ executed Guyanese dredge boss for causing unrest in area

Trinidadian fakes kidnapping in Guyana

GECOM Chairman Legal Challenge… U.S. envoy calls for quick resolution

Fixed salaries for Ministers and MPs – Prime Minister  

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State prepares to appeal GMC case

Barima River bust… Boat captain gets 3 years for high-powered rifle, ammo

Local Content Policy must be backed by legislation

Education Ministry recognises exceptional performers at National Awards Ceremony

China’s national oil company wants deeper toehold in fledgling sector

Conflict arises between EITI’s need for openness and Govt.’s secretive behaviour – Ram

Following fallout from meeting with Education Ministry…GTU invited to meet with President Granger on Monday

GPSU’s Yarde faces questions over union’s effectiveness

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