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Guy Kids Halloween Costume Party – Lanham MD – November 4, 2017

Guykids Inc: Guyanese Educator Gives Back: Helping Neediest Kids in Guyana


Guykids Inc, a 501C3 charity, was founded in 2008 in Maryland by Pansy Marshall Browne former Physics Professor at the University of Guyana, Math Professor at Bowie State University and DCPS public school teacher.

Its mission is to assist with the education, wellbeing and uplifting of those children who live in the impoverished areas of Kitty, Tiger Bay, Sophia, Albouystown and Agricola, and other impoverished areas in Georgetown…. None are excluded!     Continue reading

Queens NY real estate family brings vital medical care to Guyana

Queens NY real estate family brings vital medical care to Guyana

By Nelson A. King – Caribbean Life News

Eye health screening

Continuing philanthropic missions begun by its late founder, members of New York’s family-owned Zara Realty, based in Jamaica, Queens, have completed their 25th trip to provide vital medical care to residents of Guyana.

Zara Realty said on Thursday that a team, led by renowned United States surgeon Dr. Rahul Jindal of the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C., recently carried out 16 corneal transplants for Guyanese residents suffering from eye disease.     Continue reading

The Appearance of Words – By Yvonne Sam

The Appearance of Words

By Yvonne Sam

Words carry a significant amount of hidden power, so that users especially in political circles need to be extremely cautious during usage.

At times an apparent inability to speak to each other about anything sensitive is evident, because we do not speak the same language. Granted, we use the same words, but they mean entirely different things to people on different sides of the same argument. If we are truly interested in settling problems and arriving at solutions that everyone is comfortable with, rather than letting the issues remain and suppurate then at minimum we need to understand the positions taken by the folks on the other side.       Continue reading

British Guiana: The Booker Prize’s Bad History – Natalie Hopkinson | The New York Times

British Guiana: The Booker Prize’s Bad History

Natalie Hopkinson | The New York Times

The Man Booker Prize, one of the shiniest baubles and most generous purses in English letters, was awarded today to the American writer George Saunders for his novel “Lincoln in the Bardo.”

The occasion invites us to reflect on how the residue of slavery and white supremacy permeates our cultural life, and determines whose histories are celebrated and whose are erased.

There is a dark side to the Booker brand. It has unpaid debts to humanity. It has unleashed continuing agony in places like Guyana, where the Booker brothers founded a sugar firm in 1834. Earlier this year, we lost at age 90 the great novelist and art critic John Berger who tried to bring attention to the problematic nature of Booker’s history in Guyana.    Continue reading

Predators and Power: Breaking the Silence – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Predators and Power: Breaking the Silence – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It’s about men, money and power. Someone will definitely make a movie about Harvey Weinstein. The story of
Weinstein and his fall from glory will win many Oscars. His abuse of women, the pack that brought starlets to his hotel, his army of attorneys across continents that did the cover-up, a machine that kept his unkempt appearance
to bully and seduce, and his downfall, is a riveting script for Hollywood.  The movie ‘The Naked Producer’ will sell.

The irony is that there will be no shortage of directors or actors to put the Weinstein story on celluloid for the right price. Emma Stone calls Harvey Weinstein a predator. Weinstein was, until recently, a king-maker in Hollywood that had enormous power. One word from him could make or break a career.

Read more: Predators and Power – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

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