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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 22-23, 2017

News – 23 October 2017

Drama heats up in Berbice carpenter murder case… Attorney Chandra Sohan grilled in witness tampering probe

Appointment of GECOM Chairman…President’s decision “politically sound, but politically senseless”

Another Sunday tragedy…Three killed as car slams into utility pole

Jagdeo dodges question on Patterson’s effectiveness as GECOM chairman

Tax Reform Commission Report…Several crucial recommendations remain unimplemented – Ram

Bar Association wants Granger to publicly justify his rejection of Jagdeo’s lists

M&CC agrees to 75% increase for compliance certificates

Granger: Lethem’s township an opportunity to partner closely with Brazil

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2018 BHSAA-QCAA Twelfth Night Gala – Toronto – Saturday January 13. 2018

Download: 2018 BHSAA-QCAA Twelfth Night Gala flyer 

The History of Russian Involvement in America’s Race Wars – Julia Ioffe | The Atlantic

The History of Russian Involvement in America’s Race Wars

From propaganda posters to Facebook ads, 80-plus years of Russian meddling.

Julia Ioffe | The Atlantic

According to a spate of recent reports, accounts tied to the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency — a Russian “troll factory” — used social media and Google during the 2016 electoral campaign to deepen political and racial tensions in the United States of America.

The trolls, according to an interview with the Russian TV network TV Rain, were directed to focus their tweets and comments on socially divisive issues, like guns.

But another consistent theme has been Russian trolls focusing on issues of race. Some of the Russian ads placed on Facebook apparently targeted Ferguson and Baltimore, which were rocked by protests after police killings of unarmed black men; another showed a black woman firing a rifle. Other ads played on fears of illegal immigrants and Muslims, and groups like Black Lives Matter.   Continue reading

A president’s decision creates a hornets’ nest – By Adam Harris

A president’s decision creates a hornets’ nest

By Adam Harris  – October 21, 2017

President David Granger seems to be in the middle of some flak from a growing group of self-proclaimed guardians of the society. This time the criticisms are coming from his decision to appoint a chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission. He rejected three lists produced by Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, and appointed retired judge, Justice James Patterson.

There are some things that I could not help but notice. The first was the contention that President Granger is indecisive. He was said to be indecisive when he pondered over the lists. Then he made a decisive choice and is being pilloried for it.

The second has to do with the use of the Carter formula. There is nothing in the formula that says that the president must accept a name recommended by the opposition. It is true that from the time the formula was introduced the president has always selected a name from the list provided by the opposition.   Continue reading

Power, Corruption and Murder Roil Little Guyana – Liz Robbins | The New York Times

Power, Corruption and Murder Roil Little Guyana

A gruesome crime in Guyana has threatened a tightly knit immigrant community in Queens, pitting Hindu against Muslim, rich against poor, and cousin against cousin.

Liz Robbins | The New York Times – October 20, 2017

Marcus Bisram

A man died in a village in eastern Guyana last year; that much is beyond dispute. Faiyaz Narinedatt, 26, a husband and father, was found dead by the side of a dusty road in the early morning of Nov. 1, 2016.

That night he had gone to a party hosted by a childhood acquaintance who had immigrated to Queens and recently come into money: Marcus Brian Jainarine Bisram. Three weeks later, the Guyanese police charged Mr. Bisram of ordering five associates to murder Mr. Narinedatt after he rejected Mr. Bisram’s sexual advances at the party.   Continue reading

Black + Indian Ceremony Script – A biracial marriage

Our best wishes to you both for a successful and long marriage.

This entry is from the blog of one of our readers.

Fran 'N' Nelli

Hi everyone, a couple of people have asked me how I blended both cultures into one ceremony. A lot of fusion weddings have two different ceremonies on different days or the same day but as I touched on with previous posts, we decided to have one ceremony with our immediate family as the officiants.  Since we didn’t have the expertise of religious officiants to give us the scripts we made our own ceremony which made it even extra special.  We researched a lot of things on the internet and took SOME (keyword) advice from our close friends/family.  Thank you Google for allowing us to get married haha! And now to pay it forward for other engaged couples, we are happily giving you our ceremony online for you to hopefully enjoy along with some explanations, thought processes, challenges etc.

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