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Guyana Speaks!: The Indian Arrival!- Sunday 29 October 2017 – London


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Christopher Stephenson: The Hero of Tiger Bay – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Christopher Stephenson: The Hero of Tiger Bay – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Christopher Stephenson

There is a document on my desk as I write this feature which states; “Co-Operative Republic of Guyana. CERTIFICATE OF DEATH No.0049177. Full name of Deceased: Christopher Stephenson. Date of Death 20th October 1997.

However, twenty years after the heroic death of Christopher Stephenson, there are some citizens who feel that he must never be forgotten, and his heroic actions on October 20, 1997, must be officially recognized with a National Award.     Continue reading

Analysis: The closure of two sugar factories – By Leonard Gildarie

The Story within the Story…A Berbice chat group and the closure of two sugar factories

By Leonard Gildarie – Oct 15, 2017

I wrote on it so many times. The idyllic life of sugar-producing communities. There is something there that makes people get all nostalgic with that faraway look in their eyes when they talk about it.

Our country was built on sugar. Slavery, indentureship and the development of colonies along with the Dutch infrastructure we see today, with our kokers and drainage system, all came with it.

When nothing else was happening in the late 80s, sugar helped Guyana. Today, that way of life is about to morph into something else, to make way for a more profitable sugar industry.     Continue reading

The Search for Oil in Guyana: Past and Present – By Nigel Westmaas

The Search for Oil in Guyana: Past and Present

Nigel Westmaas | Stabroek News – 

But for the name “British Guiana” the title in the image above could have been written in 2016.

Yet, this eerily contemporary statement actually came from a Daily Chronicle editorial published on November 18, 1930, some 86 years ago. The editorial called on British Guianese to be “oil minded” as “the first stepping stone to progress along the lines of oil development…” adding that “there is a fair prospect of the colony developing a lucrative oil industry…”   Continue reading