Dynamic International Airways ends flights to Guyana

Dynamic Int. Airways ends flights to Guyana

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News 04 October 2017

Guyanese travelers disembarking from Dynamic International Airways at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Guyana.

North Carolina-based Dynamic International Airways has once again left Guyanese passengers stranded, this time, abruptly pulling out, after a troublesome four-year charter service to the South American country.

This latest report prompted handling agent Captain Gerry Gouveia, CEO and owner of Roraima Airways to say via his Facebook page, that passengers who booked with the airline are entitled to a refund.   

Passengers scheduled to travel during the peak Christmas season from JFK International airport to Cheddie Jagan International Airport, reacted swiftly to the airline’s sudden pullout that Capt. Gouveia said was beyond the control of Roraima Airways, and required by law that Dynamic Airways has to refund passengers.

 Capt. Gouveia who expressed appreciation to people who have supported Roraima Airways over the years, said, “I am sorry to see Dynamic Go! It’s unfortunate but it’s totally outside of Roraima’s control.”

“Dynamic is required by law to refund passengers who are holding tickets.

Passenger affected should contact their travel agents.”

“I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to persons who stood by us ‘thank you’ for the encouragement and support over the past four years. Lots of times over the past 25 years we at Roraima got it right, but a few times we got it wrong,” said Capt. Gouveia, adding, “It’s never easy to see young people out of a job.

“We at Roraima will continue to work harder everyday to contribute to making Guyana a better place.”

Dynamic International Airways, a charter service that suspended its operations to Asia last August after engine trouble, continued service to Guyana, on many occasions, leaving passengers stranded for days.

Before cancelling flights during the summer, according to reports, the airline filed for bankruptcy and cut its workforce by half.

In March of this year, airline executives expressed appreciation to Guyanese for their continued support during a lavish reception where acting interim chief executive officer (CEO) Karen Kraus, had promised travelers at the Richmond Hill Queens event that they would enjoy enhanced service and on-time departure.

But despite these efforts, the airline service deteriorated and has now left a void in the already troubled Guyana aviation market that saw the departure of Delta Airlines some five years ago.

Updated 7:33 pm, October 4, 2017
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