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Whither to?—– Respect & Morality – By Yvonne Sam

Whither to?—– Respect & Morality

By Yvonne Sam

“To educate a man in mind and not n moral is to educate a menace to society”. (Theodore Roosevelt)

Permit me to respond to the impassioned plea for a return of moral values made by Mrs. Paula Hamilton the headmistress of St. Rose’s High School. (Caribbean Life, October 24, 2017).     Continue reading

The AFC at 12: The journey has ended – by Freddie Kissoon  

The AFC at 12: The journey has ended31

 Yesterday marked one dozen years since the Alliance for Change came into being at the Ocean View Hotel, Liliendaal on October 29, 2005. I thought of doing this article yesterday, the actual birthday, but I considered the topic on the insensitivity of our leaders to poverty in Guyana more pressing and relevant for a Sunday column.

Has the AFC become a fading superstar? I think the final performance on stage will be 2020. It is definitely outside the scope of one newspaper column to analyse the twelve-year journey of the AFC. The AFC has not had an attractive birth or continuation of its life. It was essentially a middle class formation that followed Raphael Trotman out of the PNC, and Sheila Holder brought a few middle class admirers with her.   Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 29-30, 2017

News – 30 October 2017

Government to release several high-profile reports this week

Guyana gearing for oil spill readiness

Petroleum hunt will push estimates to over three billion barrels of oil

Demerara Harbour Bridge traffic will be affected due to faulty winch

Fake kidnapping of Trini…‘Kidnappers’ booked victim’s plane ticket

Deteriorating discourse…Cuss-down politics poisonous to Guyana’s children

NY lawyers moves to block Bisram’s extradition

Are these the bones of a murder victim? Cops take DNA samples from families of missing Berbice women

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Continue reading

What is really needed to make tourism a success in Guyana? – THAG President weighs in


What is really needed to make tourism a success in Guyana? – THAG President weighs in

THAG Head, Shaun McGrath

What prevents Guyana from achieving the same level of success in the tourism industry as its Caribbean counterparts? Is it really the absence of blue seas and white sand beaches? Is it the high crime rate and poor hospitality services? Or is the problem, way more complex than it appears on the surface?

President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Shaun McGrath recently weighed in on this issue during an informative session at the inaugural business summit of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).

According to McGrath, there is national recognition that tourism contributes between six and nine percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and brings in a minimum of US $250 million in foreign currency every year.     Continue reading

How we will earn money in the future without jobs – Martin Ford TED video

How we will earn money in the future without jobs – Martin Ford  TED video

Machines that can think, learn and adapt are coming — and that could mean that we humans will end up with significant unemployment. What should we do about it? In a straightforward talk about a controversial idea, futurist Martin Ford makes the case for separating income from traditional work and instituting a universal basic income.

Martin Ford · Futurist

Martin Ford imagines what the accelerating progress in robotics and artificial intelligence may mean for the economy, job market and society of the future.

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GECOM AND JAGDEO By Verian Mentis-Barker


Jagdeo- Patterson – Granger

At the nucleus of the furor over the ‘unilateral’ selection of James Patterson to head Guyana Elections Commission, GECOM, is an emboldened Bharat Jagdeo, an infamous vestige of the ethnic nationalism he piloted during the twenty three years he pretended to govern a country of six races with an even hand, while subverting the very constitution he now defends with the impostures of faux patriotism.

That he continues to portray the part of Political Messiah,  is the causal effect of the Coalition Administration’s Communications Team still operating at levels of inaudibility.

One would expect that Communications is actually the profession of this Team and since it should be, a subject like Jagdeo, whose pledged  raison d’etre is to “keep the government on its toes…hold them accountable”, should not enjoy the exemption of news coverage that he does by these professionals hired to communicate on the government’s behalf, while Opposition Media spotlights the Government with ill intent; especially since he just oozes news .    READ MORE

Demonization or Deification — A Very Tricky Distinction – David Simmons | Asia Times

Demonization or Deification — A Very Tricky Distinction

David Simmons | Asia Times

Last Thursday the front page of The Nation, a Bangkok-based daily, featured a dramatic photo of the Grand Palace with the simple headline:  “Divine Departure.”

For the past year, Thailand has been in an official state of mourning after the death of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died at the age of 88 a year ago after a long illness. The Bhumibol era officially ended Thursday with the cremation of one of the most beloved monarchs of modern times.

But “divine”? Yes — Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, but it is obvious that if there is a divine presence for nearly all Thais, it is not the Buddha. It is Bhumibol.     Continue reading

What Is Really Unprecedented About Trump? – Julian E. Zelizer | The Atlantic

What Is Really Unprecedented About Trump?

In many respects, the way that the president thinks about politics is utterly conventional.

Julian E. Zelizer | The Atlantic

“Unprecedented” has become one of the most popular terms to use when discussing President Trump. On any given day since January 20 2017, the odds are good that a person can turn on their televisions or browse through a news story to encounter some pundit discussing how President Trump’s actions are unlike anything we have ever seen before.

As a “public intellectual” who takes to the airwaves frequently, I often find myself fielding this question about all sorts of issues. The gatekeepers  perpetually have their ears open to hear a guest utter those words. Because of how unpredictable and bizarre so much of the news seems to be in the era of Trump, the desire to blurt out “unprecedented!” when discussing the state of American politics is always strong.    Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – October 28, 2017

News – 28 October 2017

‘Search warrant was uncalled for’ – GEA

Advisors call for Parliamentary body to oversee Oil and Gas sector

German’s Restaurant to open two NY branches

New power generators for E’bo coast arrive

Venezuelan ‘syndicate’ executed Guyanese dredge boss for causing unrest in area

Trinidadian fakes kidnapping in Guyana

GECOM Chairman Legal Challenge… U.S. envoy calls for quick resolution

Fixed salaries for Ministers and MPs – Prime Minister  

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PPP, Afro-Guyanese groups slam each other over “Indian” vs “Afro” GECOM Chairman

PPP, Afro-Guyanese groups slam each other over “Indian” vs “Afro” GECOM Chairman

Several African Guyanese organizations on Friday October 27, 2017  lashed out at the East Indian-dominated People’s Progressive Party for submitting 18 mostly East Indian nominees for the post of Guyana Elections Commission in a bid to force President David Granger to select one of them.

“The recent Constitutional appointment by His Excellency David Arthur Granger has publicly revealed what Africans in Guyana and the Caribbean all know, Indians do not want to be ruled by an African Leader because they believe they are superior to Africans,” the African Cultural and Development AssociationPan African Group (Guyana) Branch, The All African Guyanese Association and Concerned Citizens in the Diaspora said in a joint statement.

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