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Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 30. 2017

News – 30 September 2017

Executed Brazilian miner was a multiple killer

Bringing an end to corruption… GRA closer to tamper-proof system in Customs Dept

$100M in radio purchases…. Auditor General ready to call in police if GECOM fails to act on report

Senior Berbice cop arrested, ex-TSU rank sought in fuel marker racket

Irma kills Guyana-born man on shrimp boat

$40M school feeding fraud at Region 8 handed over to police

Only in Guyana…A wanted Brazilian killer get legal gun and wuk permit

$350M in VAT refunds paid so far  

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What is Truth? What is Real? — katharineotto – Blog post by Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

We live in challenging times, bombarded with information from all sides. Our reality can conflict with the “truth” disseminated by our leaders: government, scientific, business, religious, and familial. Fellow blogger Katharine Otto grapples with this dilemma, opening up pathways for our own meanderings in discerning the truth.

Information. Misinformation. Disinformation. News. Fake News. Opinion. Generalization. Prediction. Propaganda. Lies. Advertising. Gossip. Second guesses. Stereotypes. Assumptions. I feel overwhelmed by the glut of demands on attention and allegiance. What to believe? What not to believe? To believe everything and nothing at the same time? To trust my own judgment or to doubt? I long […]

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With artificial Intelligence we’re summoning the Demon – Elon Musk – Video

With artificial Intelligence we’re summoning the Demon – Elon Musk – Video

jesussaves7777   –  Published on Aug 31, 2017

Motoring History: 24 Classic Vintage Motor Cars – photos

24 Classic Vintage Motor Cars – photos
If you’ve ever felt that your car is too old, and you wish you had a newer one, then perhaps you haven’t had a good look at these vintage motors. These cars start from the very first official automobile in the 19th Century, and proceed into the 20th. Looking at these, it’s hard not to appreciate the workmanship and class that went into the first motor vehicles. They were, after all, the height of technology at the time:
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1888 Benz
* The Benz Patent Motor Car is considered to be the world’s first automobile.

As Calls Grow, Former Adviser Warns of Armed ‘Insurrection’ If Trump Impeached – video

As Calls Grow, Former Adviser Warns of Armed ‘Insurrection’ If Trump Impeached

Presidential Donald Trump supporters and protesters participating in the Impeachment March face off on July 2, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

GOP operative Roger Stone declares that any lawmaker voting for president’s removal “would be endangering their own life”

by Thursday, August 24, 2017  – by Common Dreams

As questions swirl about President Donald Trump‘s mental stability and fitness for office—and with calls for his impeachment again spiking after his repeated embrace of white supremacists—one of the president’s former top advisors warned Thursday that the result of Trump’s removal would be an “armed” and violent “insurrection.”



Back then it was Red China.    Beijing was Peking.

Its ambitions were cocooning with sights set on the Western Hemisphere.

Now, some serendipity.

British Guiana becomes independent in 1966.

Then Chinese Premier Chou En-lai cabled then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham that he hoped “the people of your country achieve new success in the struggle to safeguard national independence and oppose colonialism and neocolonialism”….and instructed the Chinese press to emblazon its pages with a salute to Guyana and its people, welcoming them to the world of political freedom.   ………………    Six years went by.


Prime Minister Burnham ascended to President and was struggling to legitimize his Presidency and the Cooperative Socialism ideology he had adopted.  His political swing to the left cost him favor with the West and as punishment, the country lost volume in the export market.

READ MORE: http://xpressblogg.com/guyana-caught-china-trap/

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 27-29. 2017

News – 29 September 2017

Slain dredge owner was warned of plot to raid camp, had photos of attackers

Do not allow ExxonMobil to be another Rusal

Berbice rape/murder of teen…Senior cop heads probe into claims that ranks failed to act on sex assault reports

Ram questions Govt. Minister’s competence on oil and gas sector

More questions surface over hiring of former PS

Fire, believed started by child, destroys Better Hope property

Modern, effective taxation systems by GRA to receive support

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