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Brazil Carnival – Carnaval – RIO de Janeiro – 2017

Carnaval in Rio 2017

Now this is what I call a CARNIVAL. Click and enjoy the photos.



Future Genetics of the World? – ‘One Mixed Race?’ – video

What will Happen when the World becomes ‘One Mixed Race?’ Future Genetics of the World?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the entirety of humanity became a homogeneous multiracial group, being a combination of the genome of every human being on the planet? Today we’re going to discuss the possible future genetics of our planet Earth, and what the world would look like if such a scenario were to occur. Continue reading

Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – October 2017

Guyanese Online has created a website for Cuso International – Guyana.

cuso-logoThe website  highlights the past an present projects of Cuso in Guyana. It also advertises the requirement for volunteers in present and future projects. Here is the List of entries on the Cuso Guyana sitehttps://cusoguyana.wordpress.com

Cuso International – Guyana: Volunteer Opportunities – October 2017

  Click entries below to view them on the website    Continue reading

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