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David Lammy is Proud of his Guyanese Roots! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

David Lammy is Proud of his Guyanese Roots! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

David Lammy MP

David Lammy is a Member of Parliament (MP) in Britain. He represents Tottenham in London. This was a seat that was held by the late Bernie Grant; as it happens both David Lammy and Bernie Grant have Guyanese roots. Grant was born in Guyana while Lammy’s parents are Guyanese from Berbice. Grant left us in 1998 and he was succeeded by Lammy who has since won re-election.

Tottenham could not ask for a better replacement for Bernie Grant. Lammy was born in  Tottenham, London, attended public schools there, and furthered his studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Harvard.

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Lecture: FIGHTING DIALECT PREJUDICE – By Dr. John R. Rickford -Toronto- October 12, 2017

Alumni Speaker Series 2017-18




Join us for our first lecture of this year’s series

SOCIAL JUSTICE (for Jeantel, Trayvon et al.):


Dr. John R. Rickford

When: Thursday, October 12, 2017 • 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Where: William Doo Auditorium, 45 Willcocks Street. Toronto. Ontario.

Entry to the event is free, but space is limited.  Email us now to save your spot! 


The lecture flows directly from Dr. Rickford’s long-standing focus on sociolinguistics, especially his exploration of the relation between language, ethnicity, class and social structure. Demonstrating how language is inextricably woven into all domains of social life, including structures of justice and policing, he makes clear that we ignore the critical role of language in the everyday at our own peril.               Continue reading

Guyana News Headlines Links – Kaieteur News – September 25-26. 2017

News – 26 September 2017

Trotman refused to correct PPP’s errors with ExxonMobil contract –Ram

Banks, Govt. meet on Budget 2018… Sugar, rice responsible for increase of non-performing loans- Finance Minister

Oil money alone will not transform Guyana

First rice shipment to Cuba in 40 years

Guyhoc mom disappears after coke-saturated hammocks seized at Ogle airport

$600M drugs purchase probe… No commissioners threatened to be fired – PPC

Task Force takes TIP fight to Region Seven miners, communities

GPF collaborates with City Hall to fight crime

….… See more News Links below  ……

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Do Modern Spanish and Portuguese People have North African or Arab Blood?

Do Modern Spanish and Portuguese People have North African or Arab Blood?

Masaman–  Published on Aug 4, 2017 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wc51I9hswbc
Are Spaniards and Portuguese today mixed with North Africans or Arabs?
Today we’re going to be following up our last video on Latin America, and digging up the roots of the Iberian people groups. Because of the hectic environment in pre-modern Iberia, the genetics, language, culture and attitude of the groups living there are quite unique in Europe, and that makes it a very interesting place to learn about. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Iberia and the rise of the Spaniards and Portuguese in the comments below.
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Puerto Rico faces ‘apocalyptic’ conditions: Debts should be Forgiven by Trump

If Trump Were Really President, He’d Forgive Puerto Rico’s Debts and Rescue It

The least we can do is get the island back on its feet and put into place policies that will bring prosperity back.

Puerto Rico faces ‘apocalyptic’ conditions: Humanitarian crisis grows for 3.4 million US citizens

“All the infrastructure has collapsed. Everything we had before the hurricane is beyond reach.”    Continue reading

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